How To Get Your Kids Interested In Online Board Games

We’re not going to deny that kids have gotten addicted to technology these days. But technology isn’t all that bad, it depends on how it’s used. Kids love playing videogames, and if you find them not shelling out enough time for the family, maybe you could grab their interest with online board games.

Board games provide various cognitive benefits to children. There’s an element of strategy and luck behind them. Young kids’ brains are wired to grow, and board games stimulate neuroreceptors that aid in that. The problem is most kids just don’t have the time or patience to sit down for an offline board game.

So why not bring the game to their turf? Online board games are just as effective and speak in their language. Plus, they’re fun. If you’ve been struggling to bond with your kids, here is how you can get them interested in them.

1. Get Familiarised With Online Board Games Yourself First

Before you introduce your children to the world of online board games, make sure you familiarise yourself with them first. There are various games like Snakes and Ladders, Kingdom Builder, Roll for the Galaxy, and Ludo Supreme out there. Pick one game you like and start playing it with the PC as your opponent to understand how it works.

Online Board Games

Kids don’t have enough patience to learn the rules on their own. And by playing the board game yourself and getting used to the rules, you can explain it to them.

2. Give Them Options

We know we’ve said to pick a game and start playing it. But it’s a good idea to let your child do the picking. There are various online board gaming apps you can download and try out on your phone. You can ask your child to check this link right here now and try out online ludo if they’re absolutely new to board games. They can play other titles too, and once they’ve found something they like, you can start playing with them!

3. Go For Interactive Board Games

Board games like online ludo, monopoly, and Scrabble are interactive because they involve taking turns. Any board games that have a back-and-forth sequence to them while playing will be engaging. When your kids are selecting their online board games, make sure it’s playable by at least 2 to 4 players. Because that’s what playing as a group is all about!

4. Give Them An Incentive

If you’re trying to play board games with your kids to help them develop cognitively and they get bored too quickly, you have to give them an incentive. For example, online ludo games like Ludo Supreme give kids a chance to win cash prizes when they take part in tournaments. You can check here for details about it.

Other board games may offer rewards besides prize money, like discount coupons, Amazon gift cards, virtual currency etc. You can redeem these rewards or exchange for something else. Your kids are more likely to get hooked to these games if there’s something in it for them.

5. Take Breaks Between Games

Kids don’t have a long attention span and can’t sit still for hours. If you’re playing board games with them, be sure to schedule breaks in between. Let them run around the house, have a snack or continue where they left off later. This will engage their senses and give them a breather. And the next time they pick up the game, they’re more likely to stay interested and finish until the end.

6. Let Them Win

Kids will love playing with you more and be motivated to improve their game if they win. No child likes losing, so as a parent, you should let them indulge a little. You can’t control who wins in board games like Ludo or Snakes and Ladders where luck is all that matters. But you can lose on purpose in board games like Chess, Villainous, and Pandemic.

Make it fair for the kids. Let them win the first few rounds and strike a balance between winning and losing. If you manage to set a competitive tone to the game, they’re going to want to win and keep playing.

7. Let The Family Join In

Invite your whole family to play a board game with your kids. It’s boring when you play one-on-one but if there’s enough company involved, your kids will have a good time. If your kids get bored easily, you can play some music in the background or let them listen to their favourite audiobook while they’re playing the game.

This will get them thinking creatively and relax them into the moment. It’s perfect for those who get jittery or struggle with ADHD. You can also tell your kids to bring their friends along and join in.

8. Build A Board Game

If all else fails and your kids haven’t found any board game they like, why not build your very own board game? There are many DIY board game tutorials online, and you can start building your own games from scratch. You’ll need a few household materials to get started. However, if you introduce your kids to online board games and they like them, you could encourage them to learn to code and start building their very own online board games.

It’s a fantastic way to spark their creativity and really get their minds thinking. You can even lookup YouTube videos, Reddit, and Pinterest posts for more ideas on this.


Ultimately, getting your kids interested in online board games will take a matter of time and patience. You can’t force it on them. The best thing you can do as a parent is to let them have fun with the process and see what they like or dislike. Make sure you play online board games on iPads or tablets since playing them on a PC can be hard. Using touchscreen devices provide the best interactive experience since most online board games are designed for Android and iOS devices.

And the best part is that most of them are free, while some require paying a small fee to unlock premium features. Either way, they’ll have a blast!

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