Create a Bangladeshi passport through the MRP Passport website

After spending the largest amount of time standing in long lines waiting to get documents stamped, private companies finally figured out an easier method. They handle the documentation process for all individuals looking to create their passports and head to the passport office, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The process works like a charm since the people at the backend of the website are well versed with it after handling it so many times in the past. They also know the ins and outs of the system and documents needed for the various types of passports available in Bangladesh. The country has three passports, diplomatic, official and regular. There are significant differences between the three including the paperwork needed to apply for them, the colour of the passport when dispatched and the time it takes to process paperwork. There are talks about implementing biometric passports to replace the current booklets.


Other than getting your documents processed, the website provides all the information needed when applying for a passport. Vary applicants can go through the website for a thorough update on everything relating to their passport. If they are handling the Bangladesh passport application process through the portal, they would receive an update on the stage of paperwork processing.

If something is not spelling out the way it should, the platform tackles that as well. The website does handle other services relating to the process, like providing a list of the supporting documents so people can gather them at their convenience before beginning the application process. The website also manages a couple of other roles but overall works toward assisting people with their passports.

Other than using a Bangladesh passport to travel to various countries, it is also used as an important document. It has all the personal information of an individual, and in most countries, more than any other single document. Some of the basic information that would have to be proved while applying for a passport is identification, which includes name, gender and age. A separate document mentioning address which needs to be an identification document, along with a utility bill. The process requires fingerprints and in some cases biometric information, which is something to be handled at the passport office. There are a few bits of information that applicants cannot submit online and would have to provide at the office, like the photograph. Although the forms do ask for images, the actual passport image is handled at the office implying that the individual has to be present.

The agency would be able to set up an appointment and coordinate everything else post the meeting, making sure the passport is delivered to an applicants doorstep. In some cases, they would even coordinate with the client to collect it on their behalf depending on the requirements at the time. Overall MRP Passport is quite user-friendly and people can even get in touch with them by just picking up the phone and giving them a call.

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