Can you permanently remove eyebrow hair?

When it comes to hair on our faces, it can be pretty tricky. For the guys, having a beard is cool. Been part of a beard gang is seen as ultra-cool. Having a beard that is fine, well maintained, makes most guys look attractive. Instead of looking for ways by which to cease the hair from growing, they would instead be on the trail of ways to make the hair grow better.

For women, having facial hair is a no-no. Can you imagine having a moustache? That would really be problematic and would demand a permanent solution to stop it from growing back but having well defined eyebrows is the holy grail. Well defined eyebrows refer to either your real eyebrows or it could be permanently drawn or tattooed. Well drawn eyebrow or a well-shaped natural eyebrow makes a woman look beautiful and helps sculpt the face.

As much as this is a great beauty point, it isn’t as easy to do as it seems. Having naturally full eyebrow hair which can be well-shaped isn’t easy. Naturally full eyebrow hair is hereditary. It isn’t so easy to grow it if you don’t already have it. In most cases, when people shave a bit of it off, it tends not to grow back. Or even in instances when it is touched, say carved, when it grows out again, it doesn’t follow the curve line but will grow in its natural line totally distorting the curve you have tried to achieve.


The other option is to remove the eyebrow hair permanently. This can be done in different ways. You can opt for shaving the hair off yourself or you can opt for a treatment procedure. Both methods are fairly easy to achieve, though one may cost more than the other. The downside to shaving your eyebrow hair off is it will grow back. This is so because your hair follicles which are underneath your skin remain there. You can’t reach beneath your skin and pull it out. The other treatment procedures will give you a more permanent lasting solution.

The more permanent solution lies in laser therapy and electrolysis. Laser will remove about 80 percent of your eyebrow hair while electrolysis will remove your eyebrow hair permanently. Both procedures would require you to go in for them a couple number of times. This is a sure way of getting your eyebrow hair removed completely and not have it grow back again. This way you are free to get any drawing or whatever you want on your eyebrow line. There are some eyebrow hair remover which you can also use. The best eyebrow hair remover will depend on how your skin reacts to a patch test before purchase.

So, the answer to the question is yes, you can permanently remove eyebrow hair using any of the above mentioned ways. Now let’s see each way the permanent treatments work.

Using laser as a procedure to remove eyebrow hair will take more than one session. The important thing to remember here is to pick a good clinic which has a seasoned professional. You can go for a consultation first to determine if you are the right candidate for laser therapy. Yes, not everyone can have a laser therapy session. There are some skin colours and hair types which cannot use laser therapy. For those skin colours and hair types which can, there would be need for a procedure as recommended by your doctor. With most people, there have been reviews of seeing results after a number of treatments. Some people say after the fourth, some say as much as the seventh treatment before permanent results were seen. Despite the number of procedures which it takes for you to see results, there is need for a comprehensive maintenance treatment to make it not grow again. The duration of this maintenance treatment will depend on your doctor’s orders.

The other permanent solution with which to remove eyebrow hair is electrolysis. This is a sure way by which to make sure your eyebrow hair does not grow back. This procedure will go underneath your skin and attack your hair follicles. The beauty of this procedure is the professional called an electrologist, is state and board certified. This gives them a license to practice, so finding one is easy. Over a series of sessions, which will be determined by the electrologist, your eyebrow hair will be steadily removed. Now, there are some factors which are considered even before the treatments begin. These factors are your hair growth, stress, how your eyebrow is structured, your hormone function and even genetics. These factors are considered because they all come together to affect how your treatment will progress. The duration for an electrolysis treatment takes about 12 to 18 months before your eyebrow hair ceases to grow back again.

There are also hair removal creams. There are hair removal creams for other parts of your body like your legs, so if you want to use the creams for your eyebrow, please read the instruction carefully if the product does not specifically state’ eyebrow hair remover cream’. The reason for this is your skin around your eyes are sensitive and you might end up causing harm to yourself.

Shaving your eyebrows is another way by which you can get your eyebrows removed. The downside to shaving is that it is not a permanent solution. If you choose the option of shaving, you have to bear in mind that you would have to repeat the process every time you eyebrow hair regrows. The upside to this option is it is cheap.

So, you want a permanent solution go for a laser procedure or an electrolysis procedure. It would take more than one session and it could be more expensive, but you have the upside of a permanent solution and your eyebrow would not grow back. Pick whichever option suits you best considering all you’re the information stated above.

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