Awesome Golf Tips For Beginners

You’ve dreamt about becoming a world-famous golfer since you were a kid. You would have a chance to meet many influential people, which would then enable you to achieve global domination. Or, at least you would hear some interesting stories. Good enough. Unfortunately, although “being a professional golf player” seemed like a tempting vision, “starting playing golf” – not so much. It may seem that one has to learn a lot of things to have even a basic understanding of golf. Don’t you worry! Although there is a lot to learn, indeed, this article will teach you the most essential basics.

Stretching up

Golf may not cause as many injuries as rugby, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to stretch. Golf players often complain about lower back pain. It can be easily avoided if you make it a habit to stretch before and after you play golf. If you neglect your body, this hobby may become a source of complications later on.


Being patient

Although most probably you wouldn’t start your adventure with golf if you didn’t watch professional golf players on TV, it can be a cause of frustration. You have spent almost 30 hours practicing golf, and it seems that your skills have not improved a tiny bit. Or, perhaps you are just too hard on yourself? People spend decades perfecting every move, being dissatisfied with yourself that you cannot yet match them is simply unfair. Golf is a sport, a hobby, and should not be treated as a source of additional frustration in your life. Breathe in, breathe out, you will have another chance. Do you think it is too challenging? Don’t be ashamed to play forward tees. Everyone was once a beginner!

Track your performance

If you want to know whether you are making any progress, or if you should try out scuba diving instead, start writing things down. Initially, your results may seem irregular because your technique most probably won’t be consistent enough to make linear progress. Start tracking your performance once you learn at least what you should focus on and the outcome of your attempts starts to follow a more steady pattern.

Take lessons

It might be more satisfying to learn everything on your own, but you must be aware that it is enormously more difficult to learn the proper technique without any feedback. It is best to contact someone who has years’ worth of experience who might be willing to evaluate if your idea of what’s correct goes hand in hand with the broader consensus. Additionally, he may teach you a few things about…


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to buy pricey equipment right from the start. If you are unsure whether you won’t get discouraged after several more less-than-successful rounds, it is better to ask your friends if they or their parents don’t have any clubs they don’t use. Alternatively, you can check if there are any discounts in golf shops nearby, or if there aren’t any, you can check the internet and settle on buying the equipment from a golf shop online. In the beginning, sneakers are perfect. It is better to postpone a purchase until you are certain that you won’t falter in your resolve. Only then is it advisable to invest in quality shoes, e.g., Footjoy golf shoes, which will last you for years.

Golf etiquette

Unless you are so astonishingly rich that owning a golf course is not a problem, there will be other players playing golf next to you. To avoid any unnecessary arguments, learn a bit about golf etiquette. If you do break one of the rules, it won’t result in you being chased down by a mob armed with golf clubs, but it is better to coexist in harmony. Try to adhere to the etiquette, and you’ll see that it makes golf more enjoyable for everyone.

Just try it out!

You know the basics now; it’s time to see if you actually enjoy golf. Fight off the temptation to read everything that is even remotely related to golf – you don’t necessarily need to know the history of golf to, well, play it. The ball is in your court now!

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