A Beginners Guide to the 7 Most Common Casino Bonuses 

If you are interested in online gambling as a form of income, you must know about casino bonuses. The latter can help you reap off loads of money if appropriately utilized.

Stay with me, and I will teach you about all the casino bonuses to look out for in an online casino.

Note that one way the virtual casinos are better than traditional casinos is because they have promotions and bonuses.

Due to the high competition in the market, online casinos are always trying to outdo each other in forms of bonuses to lure players to sign up with them. You can, therefore, take advantage of this.



Note that bonuses have terms and conditions that apply. For you to benefit, you must follow all the requirements.

For example, an Indian casino may only give bonuses for members of their country. In other circumstances, a player may only be eligible for a reward if they use a specific platform to make their first deposit.

Also, the bonus may not be suitable for you if the gift doesn’t benefit you. For instance, if the reward is a chance to play certain slots games free, and you are not an expert in the sector, you may prefer to find something else.

PS: Always read the terms & conditions of every bonus before depositing any amount to avoid any conflicts.

1. Welcome Bonus

This is the first bonus you see in every casino page. However, not all casinos offer a bonus. This type of bonus is given to the players who are joining the site for the first time. Some casinos will require you to deposit money first, while others will only require that you sign up for eligibility.

For example, ComeOn casino offers its new members a bonus of $5 for signing up and matches their first deposit by 100%.

The bonuses are expressed in percentages.

For example, if the first deposit earns you 50% up to $100, it means that if you deposit $100, you will automatically be rewarded $50. In this case, you will now have $150 in your account.

Also, if, in this case, you deposit $300 since the maximum that earns the 50% bonus is $100, you will still get a $50 reward and have $350 in your account.

A 100% welcome bonus is, in many times, referred to as a match bonus because it matches the first deposit. 

2. No Deposit Bonus

This is the kind of bonus that you get from simply signing up. There is no deposit required. It helps players in testing a casino. 

Most no deposit bonuses are between $5 and $50.

In most cases, players are only allowed to withdraw the amount they get from playing with the bonus money, after making their first deposit and wagering with all of it.

This is to block malicious people who only want to benefit from the bonus with no intention of playing in the casino.

3. Reload Bonus

After a casino has lured to sign up with them and encouraged you to make the first deposit, they don’t stop there.

They give you a bonus for a second, third, and fourth deposit to encourage you to keep playing on their site.

4. Preferred Payment Methods

This bonus is given to players who make deposits using certain platforms. The bonus varies from 1% to 15%. Every firm has its own policy and reason as to why they choose their preferred payment methods.

In most cases, the platforms are online wallets such as Ukash, Moneybookers, Neteller, etc. 

5. Higher Roller Bonus

This bonus is required to encourage the experts to keep playing in the casino. For example, a casino may offer a 100% for every $1500 deposit.

This means you will have $3000 after depositing $1500. This money may earn you huge rewards, especially if you are well acquainted with the game.

6. Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus is meant to appreciate the players who have been playing in the casino for a long time. 

Players are awarded points every time they play. There are different levels of loyalty programs. 

The individuals in the VIPP/Golden platform (different casinos name their loyalty programs differently) have more bonuses.

7. Refer-A-Friend Bonus

This is the bonus that you receive if you refer a friend to a casino, and they deposit. In most cases, the reward is fixed. 

For example, you may be given a free $50 if your referral makes a deposit.

Final Thoughts

Although society focuses on the negative effects of gambling, if done wisely and in moderation, players can reap huge rewards.

To increase your chance of winning, make sure you choose the casino with the best bonuses.

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