Zerodha: Stock Brokerage platform takes you through its features

India’s Largest broking firm has shared new features for new users on the app to help traders learn easily and invest better. If the user has opened a new Zerodha account recently, that they may not able to find some of the cool features they have developed across all products and platforms of Zerodha.

Among the features is Nudges, where it helps traders avoid buying dubious stock or risky bets. “With Nudges, our aim is to help users avoid mistakes at the point of decision-making. We’ll nudge you when you’re about to make a mistake like buying dubious stocks, trading illiquid scrips, stocks with corporate actions, etc. Here are a few Nudges that have helped users the most,” Zerodha said.

GTT (Good Till Triggered), traders can place long-standing orders. and they also can place a target and even stop a loss for the stocks so that they don’t need to be tracking the prices of the stocks every day. The Orders will remain active and triggered and also for traders trading in large quantities of scripts with freeze quantity, they have to open the order window each time. With a sticky order window, the order form remains open even after they place an order so that they can quickly place multiple orders.

Zerodha also has a positions analysis tool by Sensibull, where one can see Max loss, Max profit, Breakeven probability of profit, Greeks, IVs, and much more on Kite, the trading app of Zerodha. Users can also change the price and expiry to see gains or losses.

Some many other features include popped-out charts where traders can analyze charts, place, track orders and positions all from the same window, SIP options, fundamentals widget to track corporate actions and events alert feature, and many others. Zerodha is known for its educational tweets related to the stock markets and trading, which might be helpful for investors, especially, the younger generation.

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