Windows 11: New OS release from Microsoft

Windows 11 has been introduced in early October which has been rolled out by Microsoft for compatible devices this week. The operating system will be available for public testing for 3 months and any bugs are to be found will be cleared.

The well-known AMD Processor manufacture has revealed that the new Windows 11 Os has negatively affected its processor performance. It has been noted that the functional L3 cache latency on its processors may increase as much as three times that impact the access time of applications sensitive to memory subsystems. The performance impact ranges from 3% to 5%.

Windows 11

The preferred cores may not schedule threads on a processor’s fastest core after the update. The performance impact may be more detectable in >8-core processors above 65W TDP. As the company rolled out there will be a software update this month.

Windows 11 is a successor to Windows 10, which was launched in 2015. On Windows 11 the taskbar looks similar to the MAC one and the context menus, popups and windows have rounded corners. It now also supports Android Apps.

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