Voiser Lifetime Deal for $59: Appsumo Black Friday Deals 2022

Appsumo Voiser Review & Price:  Have you ever wanted to convert your text to audio files? Maybe you wanted to make voice memos or convert boring lectures to audio files? Voiser is an AI-powered tool that accurately transcribes audio for a fraction of the cost of traditional transcription services. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to use Voiser to convert your text to audio files and accurately transcribe audio with the power of AI.

The voice recognition capabilities of Voiser were incredibly accurate and their realistic voiceovers could be produced in a range of languages. Voiser is one of the best video creators on the market, and is available for a discounted price during the Appsumo Black Friday sale for $59. Voiser suits best for Marketers, Videographers and YouTubers.

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Appsumo Voiser
Appsumo Voiser

Voiser uses cutting-edge text-to-speech technology to create high-quality transcriptions and text-to-speech in dozens of languages. Their voices sound natural, and it’s easy to upload a document or recording to transcribe. You can also translate your text-to-speech from English to Spanish, French, or German, just to name a few.

Voiser Features

  • Create high-quality transcriptions and natural-sounding text-to-speech in 75+ languages
  • Easily collaborate on projects by easily creating, collaborating, and downloading transcripts and voiceovers from any device.
  • AI

Voiser’s AI software can help you transcribe audio and video files automatically. It can even identify sentence structure and punctuation marks and can even identify speakers. You can automatically add timestamps and export your transcript in multiple formats, including Word, Excel, text, and subtitle files.

You can Choose from over 550 natural-sounding voices in over 75 languages and 135 dialects for your text-to-speech projects. You can fine-tune your voiceovers sentence-by-sentence by changing the speed or pitch, customizing pronunciation, and inserting pauses. Voiser’s editor is super user-friendly, it’s easy to invite team members to collaborate on projects.

Buy AppSumo Voiser Lifetime Deal for $59!

You can Download MP3 files of text-to-speech conversions and audio transcriptions to access on any device. Downloading MP3 files of text-to-speech conversions and audio transcriptions allows you to access files from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, as well as from any device.

Voiser Pricing

Voiser is a web-based audio transcription platform that makes it fast and easy to transcribe audio files into text, as well as convert text to audio using natural-sounding voices in tons of languages. The price for Voiser is $239.00, however, AppSumo is offering it in a deal for $59.00, which is a lifetime offer for a limited period of time.


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