Vetrina Live Lifetime Pitchground Deal for $49

PitchGround Vetrina Live Review & Price: Vetrina Live helps to create Your Own E-Commerce Store and Bring Your Business Online & Grow Sales On this E-Commerce Platform. Simply you can Build Your Own E-Commerce Store. PitchGround offers this tool i a deal for $49 for lifetime.

Vetrina Live allows you to bring your own online store and start selling immediately in very few steps. It  is also integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook so you can add your pixel, sync your catalog and use the Facebook Chat plugin. It will also index on Google to help you reach new and potential customers.

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PitchGround Vetrina Live
PitchGround Vetrina Live

The advantage of having a pre-built platform means that the only things to focus on are Settings, Products, Delivery options and Terms of payments. With these simple steps, you will immediately create complete e-commerce where your customers can view products, add them to the cart, choose how to receive them, and pay for them.

Vetrina Live Features

Vetrina Live brings your business online or your start a new one. Discover the features that will help you create your online store in few minutes. You can Add and update your products without needing Technical skills. The main features of Vetrina Live include

  • Add Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrations to track the users and optimize campaigns based on the same user data.
  • Receive orders, manage their status, and communicate directly with customers to fulfill orders.
  • It is characterized by a responsive and easy-to-use template, with no distractions, focused on showing you products and stimulate purchases
  • Easily create your Facebook-Instagram* Shop and start selling through the social network.

You can use Vetrina Live to create your catalog of products or services online, managing them with complete autonomy. This tool PitchGround Vetrina Live suits best for SMBs and SMEs, Online or Offline Businesses, Local businesses, Startups, Solopreneurs, Businesses that wants to sell their product on an e-commerce store. Also, this will be best alternative tool to Shopify, WooCommerce.

Buy Pitchground Vetrina Live Lifetime Deal for $49!

Vetrina Live Pricing

The tool Vetrina Live is available in four plans providing various features in PitchGround. The actual price of the basic plan of Vetrina Live is $240 but Pitchground offers a lifetime deal for $49 for a limited period of time.

Plan A  $49/Lifetime $240/year

Plan B  $97/Lifetime $480/year

Plan C $145/Lifetime $792/year

Plan D $245/Lifetime $1660/year

Vetrina Live Pros

  • No commission on sales
  • Easy to use and to manage everything you need to run an online business
  • Feedback to Features: The Vetrina Live team is very proactive and always ready to take feedback from the users to help create and push all the possible new features.

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  • The Fast loading speed of all pages of the shops, with a simple guest checkout that facilitates the purchase.
  • Vetrina Live can also be transformed into a real digital menu that not only replaces the paper one, but also allows direct ordering. From both smartphone and PC, through the admin panel of the showcase, you can manage the orders received, print them for the kitchen and organize them in the best possible way.


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