Top Things To Do In Palakkad

When we hear ‘Kerala’, the first few things to cross our mind are backwaters, Ayurveda and beaches. But apart from these, the state is adorned with some of the most beautiful hill stations of our country. One such picturesque town in Kerala is Palakkad. This tinsel town has a tranquil environment and timeless landscapes. The name “Palakkad” comes from the Pala trees, which once dominated the landscapes of this area. If you are planning a holiday in Palakkad, here is a list of 5 places you must visit for a memorable vacation:-

  • Palakkad Fort – Located in the heart of Palakkad City, you can avail auto rickshaws, city buses or simply rent a car in Palakkad with a reliable driver to Palakkad Fort. This is the place for the people who want to connect with the history of Palakkad. Popularly known as Tipu’s Fort, the gigantic Palakkad Fort is located in the heart of the city. The magnificent attraction of Kerala, Palakkad Fort draws tourists with its unparalleled architecture. The fort campus houses Hanuman (Anjaneya) Temple, the unique interiors of which are sure to leave the visitors awestruck. The Palakkad Fort is a conserved monument under Archaeological Survey of India. At present, the fort is serene, full of art, offering the spectacular view of the horizon.
  • Nelliyampathy – About 60 kilometres from Palakkad, Nelliyampathy or Nelliyampathy is a beautiful hill town in Palakkad district of Kerala. If you are travelling through Thrissur, book a reliable taxi in Thrissur to reach Nelliyampathy situated 75 kilometres away. Covered with gorges, valleys and lush green forests, the mountain ranges of Nelliyampathy are rich in various tea, coffee and cardamom plantations. The rolling acres of plantations offer unique opportunities of plantation tours in this area.
    Nelliyampathy hills are especially popular for their assorted flora and fauna with many wild animals like deer, monkey, porcupine and elephants. Nelliyampathy Hill, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Shimmering Pothundi Reservoir, Padagiri, and Palagapandi Estate and are the famous sightseeing points in Nelliyampathy. Private hotels and resorts are easily available accommodation options in Nelliyampathy.
  • Malampuzha Dam & Gardens — This place is situated within a 10-kilometer radius of the Palakkad City. Taxi or City Buses are available from the main city. Stretching into a gorgeous lake, Malampuzha Dam is the largest reservoir in Kerala. This 355 feet tall dam is built on Malampuzha River, a tributary of Bharathapuzha, Kerala’s second-longest river. On the front side of the dam, there is situated another tourist point named Malampuzha Garden. With almost every nook and cranny of the garden covered with grasses, the surrounding of the dam comes across as peaceful and serene. The Japanese Park, Malampuzha Yakshi, Nandi Park, Krishna Park and music fountains are other spots that woo tourists.
  • Rock Garden— Located 11 kilometres away from the Palakkad City, auto-rickshaws, taxis and jeeps are available to make it to Rock Garden. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Palakkad,  and located within 800 meters radius of the Malampuzha Dam, Rock Garden is always a pit spot if you’re set en route to Palakkad. The garden houses unique mosaics, sculptures, and artworks which are conceived and designed by the Late Nek Chand, the mind behind the iconic creation of Rock Garden in Chandigarh. Waste materials like broken crockery, bathroom tiles, electrical fittings, washbasins and bicycle frames are put together to make mosaic sculptures of men, women, animals and gods. Scenes depicted from Theyyam, Kathakali, Kalaripayattu, Thiruvathirakali, the Mahabali legend and a royal procession of kings in a palanquin are the main highlights of the park. Majestic mountains in the backdrop of the park only add to its beauty.
  • Dhoni Forest— Dhoni Forest is located about 15 kilometres away from Palakkad. Numerous KSRTC or state government public transport buses ply to this spot. Blessed with towering peaks, Dhoni hills is one of the ideal places in Kerala for forest trekking. Walking a short distance from the main road, tourists can see tiny mountain streams, and forest areas with animals such as leopards, elephants and others. Dhoni Hills is a gateway if you are looking for other trekking destinations in Kerala. Those interested in watching nature at close quarters are drawn to the Dhoni Waterfalls, particularly Sapal waterfalls at Parasuram Kund. Waterfalls are in full swing in the rainy season, gushing down to Malampuzha dam side. Also, don’t forget to drop by the government owned cattle and a goat farm in this place that’s famous for Swiss-bred cattle.

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