Top 10 Honeymoon Spots in Canada

1. Whistler

Think of a day spent calmly traveling across the snowy slopes, after which you and your partner will spend some time in an outdoor Jacuzzi. Or maybe, you are more interested in spending some time near a fireplace? In Whistler, you will not only get all of the things we’ve mentioned, but there are quite a few other great romantic options waiting for you there. The town, which is popular for its great outdoor activities, is also the center of romance on the west coast.

2. Niagara on the Lake

This place is popular for all sorts of romantic events. Niagara on the Lake is known for its eccentric beauty, wineries, and the Shaw Festival. This city, which oozes romance, is filled with bright gardens, old buildings, which were converted into hotels, charming shops, and restaurants. Take a carriage ride through the city, enjoy a wine tasting session, or relax after a break in a spa. Whatever romance your heart desires, Niagara on the Lake is ready to provide you with everything that your heart desires.


3. Province of Newfoundland

In the provinces, there are such towns as Heart’s Desire, Heart’s Content, and English Cupids. The spirit of the Valentine’s Day reigns here throughout the year. Couples in love that are eager for a place where they can relax and get distracted from the crazy daily bustle will be pleasantly surprised with the Province of Newfoundland.

4. “Le St-James”

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or your honeymoon in the middle of summer, the hotel’s hospitable staff will provide you with first-class services. The renovated hotel building, which previously was a bank, now houses the hotel and a restaurant which has a unique design, a sense of grandeur and romance which will help you get even closer to your partner. If you don’t have a partner to visit this place with, then be sure to check out this dating site with lots of Russian brides for marriage to be found online.

5. Houses in Fairmont Jasper Park

Is there anything better than to spend some time with a loved one under the roof of a 4-star house way up in the mountains? If the answer is no, then this hotel will be perfect for you; the natural beauty of Alberta will provide you

with some unforgettable memories. Working all year round, the Park offers a whole range of outdoor activities: skies, ice-skates, snowboards, kayaks, and even golf courses.

6. Quebec

Quebec is truly unique; it is stacked with fascinating buildings and the spirit of French Canadians. Quebec will be a perfect fit for any honeymoon. There are so many things to see there: there are some amazing buildings that were built in the 18th century, hundreds of local shops, and some of the most fascinating gourmet restaurants you can possibly find in Canada. Quebec is a city saturated with a European influence. There is no other place in the world like the beautiful city of Quebec. You have to visit it at least once in your life.

7. Love, Saskatchewan

Less than a hundred citizens live in a village called Love in Saskatchewan, but as St. Valentine’s Day approaches, this place becomes quite a lively one. Every year, letters from all over the world come to the post office of Love in the hope of receiving a special stint in the form of a bear cub with a heart in his hands. This doesn’t mean that you should only come here for the Valentine’s Day, but this is the best time to do it, and isn’t it fitting to plan your honeymoon on the day of love?

8. «Fort Garry» Hotel

This historic site of Winnipeg is elegant and romantic. The lush, idle place has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, and it continues to delight its guests with a warm welcome, comfort, and delicious food. You can try out some great cocktails and live musical performances in some of the best establishments in Canada, enjoy the amazing menu, and check out one of the most luxurious spas in Canada which will surely be quite a delight for the both of you.

9. Hotel Kingsbrae Arms, New Brunswick

Located in the fascinating town of St. Andrews, this hotel is the only seaside hotel to receive the “Relais & Chateaux” award for its impeccability. Guests looking for a relaxing, romantic holiday destination will love this place. The history of this place goes back to 1898; it provides its guests with only the top quality services, gourmet cuisine, and expensive wines. Relax, gain strength, and give a spark to your relationship in this magnificent hotel!

10. Nova Scotia

Are you a romantic person? Oysters are known for their aphrodisiac properties, and there is no better place than Nova Scotia to experience this food for yourself. Local oysters collected from the local waters of Lake Il are very delicious. Fresh, juicy, filled with romance and love, they will make you not regret the time spent here during your honeymoon.

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