TN Assembly Speaker Disqualified 18 MLAs Today


18 MLAs Disqualified: The deadline for the floor test will end within two days. At this time Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker P Dhanapal disqualified 18 MLAs of AIADMK who supports the sidelined AIADMK leader TTV Dinakaran. TN Assembly secretary K Bhoopathy has said a statement that the action against 18 MLAs who were revolted against Chief Minister K Palaniswami last month was taken under anti-defection and disqualification rule of 1986 in accordance with Schedule 10 of the constitution.

On the action of P Dhanapal, MLA Vetrivel who is the senior in TTV Dinakaran group has that it was totally illegal and in order to prove themselves in the floor test they have undergone this action. It will not be approved and he said they will soon meet them on the court with this case.

18 MLAs Disqualified

But Dinakaran support MLAs refused to do their job and they are in the resort at Pondicherry initially then they shifted to Coorg in Karnataka. This does not fare the people of Tamil Nadu as they failed to remember that they were for the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu. Instead, they were in the resort and enjoying there. They finally decided to move this case to the Madras High Court.

On this political situation, DMK has decided for the DMK MLAs meeting tomorrow and it is expected that they would take some important decisions regarding the issue. On the other side, Chief Minister K Palaniswami has said no one can dissolve the Government which is running now. Chief Minister party is currently facing the challenge from TTV Dinakaran party.

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