Time New Bank (TNB) Rise in its Price by 31.37% on January 8


Time New Bank (TNB): Time New Bank is commonly referred to as TNB. It is a good day for TNB as its price has been increased. It’s a digital currency which is based on blockchain technology. TNB is designed to help establish a time-value transmission network which embraces payment flexibility, pricing transparency, prominences of decentralization and internationalization.

In Coin market cap TNB is in the 79th place. The price of Time New Bank keeps on increasing as it is soon added to the Bitfinex for trade. It is also predicted to be used as a currency in future.  The current price of Time New Bank (TNB) is $0.278384 USD which has been raised by 31.37% on Monday, January 8.

Time New Bank (TNB)

Where to Buy Time New Bank (TNB)?

Time New Bank is available only in few exchange sites such as Binance, Huobi, Bibox, and BigONE to purchase and trade. The team has said that it will be added to 10 exchanges sites soon including the top site Bitfinex. The price of Time New Bank can be checked at Time New Bank (TNB) Live Chart.

What is Time New Bank (TNB)?

Time New Bank is a token backed by the Miao’A International Timechain (M.I.T). TNB is a precision time-value transmission platform based on blockchain technology. It is designed to organize a detailed network made up of a primary, secondary and third-party market for the time-commodity exchange. M.I.T intends to introduce a system whereby, the commodities belonging to time exporters will be recognized and demanded via an organized scientific analytical model.


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