The highly entertaining Duleep Trophy

Kumar Shri Duleepsinhji of Nawanagar is one of the best cricketers in the history of India. In fact, he was so good that it was decided to give his name to a competition of this sport in the country. The tournament in question is the Duleep Trophy, and allows its members to wager on all its matches.

This competition features first-class cricket. It was originally established in 1961. Also, just like with other domestic first-class competitions, the teams represented geographical regions of the country. For approximately 60 years the Duleep Trophy has entertained cricket fans from India and the rest of the world. The 1xBet betting platform is definitely the best wagering webpage that can be used to bet on this site.

duleep trophy 

History of the competition

The Board of Control for Cricket in India, also known as the BCCI, established the tournament in 1961. The original competition featured five squads which we disbanded many years ago. Punters can make India cricket betting on on the current teams that still participate in the Duleep Trophy.

The squads who took part in the first editions of the championship were:

  • North Zone;
  • East Zone;
  • South Zone;
  • West Zone;
  • and Central Zone.

As it can be deduced from the names of the squads, they represented groups of states located in different parts of India. The first edition was won by the West Zone team, which played against the South Zone in the final match. The result was favorable for the West team by 10 wickets. Currently, it is possible to make cricket betting on 1xBet India on all these decisive matches at any moment when they are played.

Lots of changes

Between the 1960s and 1990s, the Duleep Trophy was played in a knockout format. In 1993 it was changed to a league format, where the top team of this stage was the champion of the competition. In order to wager on this tournament from tablets and smartphones, punters can go to the betting platform.

The teams were kept more or less the same until 2003. In that year it was decided to introduce a sixth team. In each edition of the tournament, a team from abroad was invited to take part in the championship. The first guest to do that was the England A national cricket team. This squad is also featured in 1xBet, where punters can wager on all their matches.

Another important change was made in 2016. Here the aforementioned zonal teams were scrapped, and new squads were introduced. They are called India Red, India Blue and India Green. The BCCI is the entity that selects the players for each squad. Even today, the Duleep Trophy continues to be an extremely interesting and entertaining cricket championship.

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