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TextBuilder.ai Review & Price: TextBuilder.ai is a text generation software tool that helps make the process of creating content easier and more efficient. This tool saves you time and money by helping you automate repetitive tasks, which helps you focus on other important aspects of writing.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get full-length articles, you’ve come to the right article. TextBuilder.ai is a new service that allows you to get full-length articles with one click. These articles are written by professional writers who create unique content for you. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to use TextBuilder.ai and take a look at some of the amazing features it offers.

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TextBuilder.ai Review
TextBuilder.ai Review

What is TextBuilder.ai?

TextBuilder.ai is a text writing tool that can be used to easily create and format text, as well as to easily insert images and links, while also having a feature where you can insert text from other applications, such as Google Docs or Dropbox.

Getting high-quality content on topics relevant to your business has never been easier. With TextBuilder.ai, you can enter the title and keywords of your topic and get 1000+ word articles generated by our advanced AI in 45 seconds.

TextBuilder.ai Features

  • Lightening Fast Generation

We don’t use GPT-3, we use the latest generation of text generation AI with our own trained models running on ultra-fast GPU cloud servers. This is why we are able to provide SUPER FAST text generation. You can get results in 2-5 seconds.

  • High Quality Results

We’ve put countless hours into AI development to ensure the highest possible text quality. In the text analysis process, we’re equipped with machine learning, which helps us detect when certain words and phrases appear too many times, or not enough, in a piece of text.

  • 100% Unique Text

We hate having duplicated text too, so we make sure each article is unique by starting with only unique articles created with our trained GPT-J, GPT-Neox.


TextBuilder.ai Writer Methods

  1. AI TextBuilder

The AI-textbuilder is the world’s first text builder for affiliates. It’s free, and it’s fast! This text generator allows you to easily create long, high-quality articles and reviews with one click. It’s totally newbie-friendly, and it’s very easy to use. No coding required. No need to hire a copywriter. Just enter your keywords and let the AI-textbuilder do the rest.

2. AI Long-Form Writer

AI Long-Form Writer is a copywriting software that makes writing unique and creative copy 10x faster. With AI Long-Form Writer, you can generate unique copy that is tailored to your audience regardless of the topic or subject matter that you are writing about.

The software comes packed with features that help you to generate quality copy quickly and efficiently. With this software, you will be able to create content that is both informative and engaging. You can also use the software to create sales pages, landing pages.

TextBuilder.ai Lifetime Deal
TextBuilder.ai Lifetime Deal

3. AI Templates

AI Templates is a piece of software that can generate text automatically for you. All you have to do is provide it with information, and it will spit out long, high-quality text. You can use AI Templates to help you write blog posts, Facebook ads, product reviews, emails, and more. It’s an AI-powered content generation tool that makes it easy to create high-quality, engaging content.

Buy TextBuilder.ai Lifetime Plan for $99

With Textbuilder.ai, there are more than 90+ text templates. You can write anything. Thanks to our templates, which we add every week. On the templates page, you can find text templates in different categories.

TextBuilder.ai Pricing

TextBuilder.ai LTD VIP Plan for $990

Black Friday deal is on for TextBuilder.ai. You can get the LTD plan for $990 only.  The sale is final. Hurry up and upgrade to the LTD VIP plan to get all of the benefits that come with it. This is a limited time offer. Your chance to upgrade to the LTD VIP plan. You have access to any tool, all future updates and all AI models provided inside. You have 200’000 credits that will be renewed every month.  It includes following features in LTD VIP plan

  • 200’000 Words / month
  • 1-Click Article GeneratorGenerate 1000+ words in 35 seconds
  • 1-Click Draft Wizard
  • AUTO WRITERGenerate 3000+ words in seconds
  • Generate TOP 10 Best… listicles
  • AUTO ReWRITER Regenerate any article – Coming SOON!
  • Long-Form Writer
  • Automated Listicle Builder
  • Topic Idea Generator
  • Talking Points Generator
  • Custom Templates Builder
  • 5 Team Seats
  • Unlimited Projects
  • All Results History
  • 100+ Copywriting Templates
  • All Future Updates
  • Future upgrade to GPT-4

TextBuilder.ai Lifetime Plan for $99

TextBuilder.ai is an advanced AI writing tool that gives you the power to write amazing content; this AI writing tool is also a great option for copywriters and bloggers. The TextBuilder.ai ‘lifetime plan’ is $99 – one time payment and this gives you access to all of the TextBuilder.ai features.

  • 30’000 Words / month
  • 1-Click Article Generator Generate 1000+ words in 35 seconds
  • 1-Click Draft Wizard
  • Access to the following tools:
    AI Long-Form Writing
    Magic Commands (BOSS Mode)
    100+ Copywriting Templates
    Auto Writer
    Articles Rewriter (coming soon)

TextBuilder.ai Reviews

TextBuilder.ai is a powerful tool that’s used by thousands of professionals all over the world. It is used by Affiliate marketers, Copywriters, Bloggers, Ad experts and Startup founders from all around the world.

  1. Affiliate: My affiliate blogs aren’t only about product reviews, they also talk about various topics like ‘How to make money’. Thanks to TextBuilder I was able to write much more detailed blog posts, my product reviews are longer and I write more top 10 listsicles everyday. Thanks to TextBuilder, my Amazon affiliate income increased significantly and my writing productivity increased as well.
  2. Affiliate Marketer: I know it sounds crazy, but I saw huge potential in your tool. So I am stopping using WordHero, Jasper (Standard Plan), Closercopy, and Frase. Your tool is amazon affiliate friendly. So it’s a big deal for an Amazon affiliates like me. For sure I will promote this tool to my friends and followers who learn from me.
  3. Blogger: Blogging and authoring are usually two things that require content creation, but Textbuilder does both. This tool generates unique content in a fast and simple way, which saves me a lot of time. I feel like the quality of the content it generates is fantastic, and I highly recommend it.


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