Taana Movie Review & Rating: Vaibhav & Yogi Babu Combo Comedy Movie


Taana Movie: Taana is the new Tamil language comedy movie which is directed by Yuvaraj Subramani. The film stars Vaibhav Reddy and Nandita Swetha in the lead roles. R Pandiarajan, Hareesh Peradi, Yogi babu and Uma Padmanabhan play the supporting roles.

Vaibhav’s recent movie Sixer is the comedy satire. most of his movies are comedy entertaining. Vishal Chandrashekar has composed the music for the movie Taana. Hareesh Peradi essays a negative role. Yogi Babu will play an important role in Taana Movie.

Taana Movie

All About Taana

“The police used to be referred to as Taanakaran those days. People used to call the police station ‘Taana’, and usually, they’d also come from a family of police officials. The film revolves around one such family, most of the members of which have been in the police force for decades.

All, except for Pandiarajan, who vows to make his son (played by Vaibhav) a cop one day. The story has a lot of twists and turns, including a supernatural element, and is sure to entertain the audiences.”

Taana Movie

Taana Movie Rating

Taana is promised to be a fun-filled movie. It is the entertaining movie in the combination of Vaibhav and Yogi Babu where Vaibhav being a son of R Pandiarajan.

The rating for Taana movie is 3.5/5. Thus Taana will be the best movie for the week to enjoy these holidays. Celebrate the weekend by watching this movie in theatres with friends and family.


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