SyncSpider Review: PitchGround Lifetime Deal


SyncSpider Review: The Solution for Automated Data Synchronization has been found out through an app and it is in lifetime deal in Pitchground. SyncSpider is the app that helps to link apps Automate Smooth Synchronization of All Your WebApps and E-commerce Data Across 100+ Channels and Platforms.

With SyncSpider – It’s All Super Quick, Automated and Doesn’t Include Any Human Errors, Missed Orders Or Anything Else! SyncSpider as it’s currently also called as a Zapier like the tool, it’s on its way to becoming a one of its kind of a tool that lets you connect all your lengthy data from web apps and e-commerce store together. But more than linking your data together, let’s understand how easy your life is going to be after using SyncSpider.

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Pitchground Syncspider
Pitchground Syncspider

About SyncSpider

This tool currently works with 2 different forms of data synchronization –

  • Web Apps (Facebook, Amazon, MailChimp, etc)
  • Ecommerce Store (Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, etc)

SyncSpider Features

  • Keep your contacts in sync across all your platforms

SyncSpider manages and tracks all your clients and leads from a CRM, Chat-Software and Google Sheets and syncs it with the platform you want to store the data in.

  • Keep your inventory in sync across multiple marketplaces

No matter how many different channels you are selling your products on, be it on the web, eBay, Amazon, Etsy and on over 10+ more platforms – SyncSpider will track your complete sales across all the platforms and sync it with your webshop. Knowing your inventory will help avoid overselling across multiple platforms.

  • Automate your everyday time-consuming task

SyncSpider eliminates the need for you to copy and paste the customer data, sales, inventory, tasks, support tickets, pricing, descriptions, and much more from one platform to another. You can update your data in one place, and Syncspider will sync it with all the other platforms you want within seconds.

  • Export and migrate the data easily

Even if you are moving to a new web app or web store, you don’t have to worry about manually exporting and importing your data. SyncSpider lets you export and import all your data in CSV, XLS, XML and TXT files. You can also directly transfer them one app to another and it would hardly take a few minutes for the complete migration.

  • Send the customer data and sales directly into Your CRM

All your sales are sent to your CRM, including the customer name, email, products they bought and all the other details.

Buy PitchGround SyncSpider Lifetime Deal for $149!

SyncSpider Pricing

The normal price of SyncSpider is $348 per year. But PitchGround offers SyncSpider’s 72 Hour Special Plan and Unlimited Bonus Integration which cost about $149 for Lifetime.

SyncSpider Overall Review

Thus SyncSpider is a tool that will be your bridge between all your cloud services and will sync all your data from one app to another easily without wasting any more time and money of yours.

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