SendPilot SocialMedia Manager – Black Friday Lifetime Deal


SendPilot Discount: To Turn your blog articles into social media posts, curate content to share with your audience and boost social engagement, SendPilot helps such bloggers. SendPilot is the ONLY tool you will ever need to get more traffic to your blog, boost engagement and increase sales.

SendPilot lets you upload any blog or content you have created for your business. It then analyses your text and picks out key sentences to create a series of posts. After you click the approve button, SendPilot then automatically schedules your posts using Buffer or Zapier! It fully automates your content marketing. The retail price of this SendPilot is $516.95/ Monthly. But PitchGround offers SendPilot for just $49 for this Black Friday 2018.

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SendPilot Features

SendPilot allows you to turn your blog articles into 12-month social media evergreen campaigns in seconds! So now, never waste time writing marketing posts for your content, and never run out of traffic-generating content. The features of SendPilot include:

Intuitive Interface: It is built for everyone, regardless of technical ability, with an easy to use dashboard.

Post Previews: Presents the posts before they are scheduled for giving the user’s full control over the posts the system generates, where they can edit or approve the campaign.

Regenerate Posts: If the user is not satisfied with the post generated, they can click ‘Regenerate Post’ and the system will write a new post to replace the one they didn’t like.

Brand Templates: The platform allows users to create an unlimited number of post templates which will be combined with the dynamic data from their blog.

Trending Hashtags: It finds the latest trending hashtags and lets the users insert them directly into the posts quickly and easily.

Image Library: Users can manually upload images to the platform or search through a library of thousands of stock photos that they can easily insert in their posts.

Content Curation: The platform understands the topics of its users’ article and scrapes the web for the latest news and content from top influencers in their industry.

Buy SendPilot Lifetime Access for Just $49!

About SendPilot

SendPilot uses artificial intelligence to turn blog articles into ready to go social media campaigns designed to drive traffic back to their user’s blog and boost engagement. Use SendPilot to take the strain away and write everything for you! Create your own custom templates, find trending #hashtags and tag influencers like a hero caped crusader should! SendPilot can be used by Content Marketers as Content marketing is hard for agencies and startups. Use SendPilot to take the strain away and write everything for you as well a free up valuable time that can be used elsewhere!

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