Sachin Tendulkar Tested Positive for COVID-19: Mild Symptoms & Home Quarantined


Sachin Tendulkar Suffered from Corona: Since many celebrities and people get affected by Coronavirus in India day by day. The cases are increasing still. However, the vaccine has been found out and people are suggested to put vaccine in their nearby centre for their precaution especially people with the age above 45.

Today, Legendary Cricketer God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has been tested positive of COVID-19 with mild symptoms and he was isolated in home itself and self quarantined. Today morning, Sachin Tendulkar posted in social media that he was affected by Coronavirus with mild symptoms and he was home quarantined.

Sachin Tendulkar COVID Positive
Sachin Tendulkar COVID Positive

In the tweet, he said that he has been taken all the recommended precautions to ensure Covid is kept at bay. However, he got infected with mild symptoms. All others at home were tested negative. He was quarantined himself at home and following all the necessary protocols as advised by his doctors. He also thanked all the healthcare professionals who are supporting him.

Recently actor Madhavan was tested positive for COVID – 19 and was isolated. Today Sachin Tendulkar was tested positive. Many celebrities and common people are daily affected with this virus. So people, kindly wear mask wherever you go and sanitize your hands and do face wash after returning home for yours and your family safety.

After seeing this tweet of Sachin Tendulkar, many people and celebrities and cricketers are praying for his speedy recovery. Hope Sachin Tendulkar will recover soon from COVID-19 and wish him for a speedy recovery.


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