How to Choose the Right Motivation Strategy and Path to Your Dream

To live longer and look beautiful. The goals are grandiose. It seems, well, what else do we need the right motivation? But any change is stress and getting out of comfort, and we start to do something only when the body is literally crying out for help.

It’s getting hard to bend over and tie our shoelaces – and we sign up for “exercise.” We remember to eat right when we can’t button up our favorite jeans. If shortness of breath appears – and thoughts of a morning jog arise. 

right motivation strategy

If the proverbial rooster with a magic beak looms, the incentive appears somehow very quickly and naturally. 

But how do you not let yourself go and get out of your comfort zone early? How do you lead a healthy lifestyle regularly, not just a couple of weeks a year? 

A good answer is to find the right motivation. But where to look for it and how do you know if it’s the right one? Is there such motivation that works as properly as a strategy for hitting a jackpot at live dealer casino games or managing business finances? 

There is no motivation with a guarantee. After all, each of us is different – different priorities, habits, health, life values, finally. Someone just wants to lose weight, and someone – to improve self-esteem. Others prioritize their health and the opportunity to provide themselves with a long life. 

There is no one hundred percent motivation, but there are several motivational strategies. And this is good news. What doesn’t work for one will spur the second, and what doesn’t catch the second will be a good irritant or challenge for the third. 

Scientists have found that of all the leading motivational strategies that guide a person, 1-3 are a priority. Moreover, one of the priorities – critical, automatically includes all the others. It turns out that it’s enough to implement one motivational strategy, and the rest will pull up “automatically”.

These are the most effective motivational strategies. There are not many of them. Choose the ones that your mind and body respond to.

The Most Effective Motivational Strategies

Motivation is a product of a relatively fed and safe modern world. Prehistoric people hardly suffered from a lack of motivation. It’s hard to imagine that when faced with a predator to save his life, humans turned to a motivational coach for help. Hunger, cold, danger were and are the most powerful natural motivators. The instinct of self-preservation turns on spontaneously and thanks to it mankind has survived. 

Therefore, the basic and strong instinct of self-preservation is at the forefront of motivational strategies. 


Certain actions threaten your health and can shorten your life expectancy. Understand and feel how overeating, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation and constant stress degrade your quality of life and its duration. Eliminate these factors.

What You Can Do

This is a challenge to yourself, an ambitious goal for ambitious individuals. Find out what you can do and what resources your body has. Do sports, fitness. A month or two of training and proper nutrition, and already stiffness and crunch in the knees have disappeared, your capacity for work and endurance has increased. 

Many people like this transformation of the body so much that they continue to do everything to enjoy the new sensations and opportunities of the body.

Society’s Approval

For many, this is one of the strongest motivating factors. It’s cool to be healthy, to be fit, to exercise, not to smoke, not to drink. This increases social status, helps you achieve what you want, get recognition and approval from people in your circle. 

Moreover, it improves your own health and appearance. The figure gets slimness, muscles, elasticity, skin shines with health and youthfulness. 

High Capacity for Work

A healthy person is less dependent on circumstances and other people, he has more opportunities to change the profession or place of residence. He is more mobile, not tied to hospitals and medications. He has no obstacles in the form of illnesses to his studies and career. 

Set the Right Goals and Take the First Step 

Motivation only works when you realize that you have the right goal and you’ve worked out a plan to achieve it. Read here what the right goal is and how to set one. But you can’t get everything at once. You have to move gradually and steadily toward your goal. 

Weigh carefully whether this is exactly what you want to achieve. Will you then be able to keep the promises you make now? 

And that first step means you’ve made a choice and made a decision. The path itself may be adjusted along the way, and that’s okay. But this feeling of taking the first step, which has already brought you a little bit closer to your goal, is motivating and inspiring to keep going. Regardless of the obstacles that come your way. 

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