Personalized Diet Plans That Work

Have you ever noticed that when you try a particular diet, you may actually end up successful, but then you end up gaining all of the weight back that you had lost in the first place? Not only that, but many “premade” diets also come with some adverse side effects which are extremely common.

For example, look at the keto diet. The keto dieters out there often and frequently succumb to what is known as the “keto flu” which is when your body isn’t getting every single one of the nutrients it needs during the ketogenic process, and you end up feeling flu-like symptoms, feel sluggish, weak, easily fatigued and more. Why do that to yourself when you can choose personalized diet plans?


How Personal Diets Work

When you choose your own diet, then you can actually get a permanent weight loss and maintenance result based on your body, your calorie intake, and your metabolism. Everybody’s different, so you can’t expect to do the same thing that may work for one person and think you’re always going to get the same results. That being said, you should try certain alternatives and have your diet made just for you so you can, einfach abnehmen, like the Germans say.

Quit Starving Yourself

Most diets require you to do things like fasting, and even not eating right, or eating foods while cutting others. While this is actually not always bad (such as reducing calories, carbs, and unhealthy foods), not every diet gives you alternatives that you can eat that are healthy instead, leaving you to end up always hungry and miserable. Why not be able to just cut your portions down a little bit, and still enjoy many of the foods you love?

Can Everyone Have Personalized Diets?

The truth is, yes, they can! Whether it’s just for you, your husband or wife, and even your family and children can enjoy personalized diet plans. There are all types of plans that actually include three main courses and healthy snacks in between in order to ensure that you get the best meals possible and the most amount of nutrients that your body needs in order to thrive. The one thing you may wonder is whether the portions are filling and in fact they are.

Speaking of portions, most of the problem (aside from physical activity) is that many portions are actually than what many eat. Did you know that you should only have about 5 ounces of ground beef? Many people can easily eat more than this, and this means you’re getting more fats, not to mention, the bun and more. Not only that, but if you eat fast food, many of the calories you get are empty calories, and just a big breakfast pancakes at McDonald’s (which are all over the world) include pancakes, a biscuit, sausage, and eggs, equaling 1,150 calories (most of which are oil and empty calories).


VidaVida offers customizable diet plans that are based on your actual needs, like gender, height, weight, and age. As you age, you need different nutrients than you did when you were a teenager, and therefore it’s important to consider these things when you choose a diet that can help you. You can get a fully-fledged meal plan with a ton of extra tools and advice to help you maintain not only healthy weight, but overall health.

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