Pathaan: OTT Release Dates and Other Updates

Nine days before the theatrical release of Shah Rukh Khan’s action movie Pathaan, the Delhi High Court on Monday ordered Yash Raj Films to make some changes to the movie before its OTT release. Pathaan, which also features Deepika Padukone and John Abraham, has already been approved by the Central Board of Film Certification and must be resubmitted to the board for re-certification before its streaming premiere on Prime Video on April 25.

According to Bar & Bench, the High Court of Delhi asked Pathaan to supply Hindi subtitles, closed captions and audio description for the OTT release of movie for the benefit of people with visual and hearing impairments.

Pathaan is to be released theatrically in India on 25 January 2023, coinciding with Republic Day weekend as well as dubbed versions in Tamil and Telugu. And it is officially now announced that OTT release of Pathaan on April 25 on Amazon Prime. Recently Yash Raj Films tweeted the trailer on Burj kalifa and its going viral.

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