Pagliacci Pizza to Launch Drone Delivery Service in Seattle

Pagliacci Pizza, a popular pizzeria chain in Seattle, is set to launch its drone delivery service in partnership with Zipline. The move is aimed at providing faster delivery services to customers and expanding the reach of the chain’s delivery services. The drones are capable of carrying two 13-inch pizzas, drinks, and side dishes and will allow for delivery to areas that are hard for drivers to reach.

Expanding Delivery Services with Drones

Matt Galvin, co-owner of Pagliacci Pizza, said in an interview that the drone delivery service will allow for faster delivery and better reach. The chain currently relies on a team of 250 drivers to deliver to its 25 locations in the Seattle area. However, many addresses around these locations are difficult for drivers to reach, either because they are too far away or because they are located in hard-to-reach areas.

Pagliacci Pizza
Pagliacci Pizza Seattle

Galvin believes that the drone delivery service will help the pizzeria chain overcome these limitations and improve its delivery services. He expects the service to be available in a few locations initially.

Providing Convenient Delivery Options

The drone delivery service is an example of the innovation and evolution of the food delivery industry in response to the changing needs of customers. The service will provide a more convenient and efficient delivery option, especially for customers who live in areas that are hard to reach by traditional means.

Furthermore, the drone delivery service will allow the pizzeria chain to expand its reach by delivering to areas that are currently not served by its traditional delivery service. This will help the chain to tap into new markets and increase its customer base.

The Future of Food Delivery

Pagliacci Pizza’s move to launch its drone delivery service in Seattle is an example of the continued evolution of the food delivery industry. With the growth of technology and the changing needs of customers, food delivery companies are exploring innovative ways to make their services more convenient and efficient.

As drone technology continues to advance, it is likely that more food delivery companies will adopt drone delivery services in the future. This will provide customers with faster and more convenient delivery options and help companies to expand their reach and customer base.


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