Olvy Lifetime Pitchground Deal for $49

PitchGround Olvy Review & Price: PitchGround makes the new deal in the product named “Olvy”. This tool helps to  market all about your product’s new features and updates on your website easily within your Widgets or on a separate Standalone Page. It also Increase user engagements and new feature adoption by keeping your customers up-to-date.

This not only helps build more team credibility but also helps with organic product marketing through SERPs. With an amazing UI/UX, Olvy provides you with beautiful designs that are easier to integrate & customizable. Olvy will help you grab more traffic to your site with the integrated feedback and analytics section.

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PitchGround Olvy
PitchGround Olvy

Olvy Features

  • In-App Widget – Bring your important announcements directly in-app. Personalize to match your UI. No coding is required.
  • Standalone Page – Public product changelog with custom domain and SEO ready.
  • Olvy Dashboard – Forge the path ahead by understanding how your features are performing.

Pros of Olvy

  1. Increase user engagement and new feature adoption
  2. Build credibility for your team and product by sharing things you’re shipping
  3. Attract more eyeballs for your features when you share your releases
  4. Easy to integrate script and public APIs
  5. Feedback with sentiment analysis and reactions which tell you what your users think about your releases
  6. Advanced customization with custom domains, theming, custom CSS, and JS

Buy Pitchground Olvy Lifetime Deal for $49!

This tool PitchGround Olvy suits best for SMBs and SMEs, Online Businesses, Product, Managers and Product marketers, Startups, Freelancers, Small Agencies and Solopreneurs. Also, this will be the best alternative tool to Beamer and Announcekit. You can Integrate your releases with tools like Slack, Discord, Zapier, Github and more.

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Olvy Pricing

The tool Olvy available in three plans providing various features. The actual price of the basic plan of Olvy  is $120 but Pitchground offers it in a deal for $49 for a limited period of time.

Plan A  $49/Lifetime $120/year

Plan B  $97/Lifetime $240/year

Plan C $145/Lifetime $380/year


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