New Covid Guidelines for People Arriving India

Amid a spurt in Covid cases in neighboring countries, PM Narendra Modi on Thursday set an high-level meeting. The highlights in the meeting is on preparedness of health infrastructure and logistics, status of vaccination campaign and emergence of new variants and their public implications.

Union Government guidelines will be followed for random testing, full screening  for fliers arriving in India. Also fliers should be fully vaccinated according to the protocols against Covid-19 in their country. During high level meeting, PM Modi urges wearing mask and was informed that there is adaquate availability on medicines, vaccines and hospital beds.

In addition to this, PM Modi advised States to audit Covid specific facilities to ensure operational readiness of Hospital infrastructure which includes oxygen cylinders, Ventilators and human resources. The guidelines against covid-19 are

  • Wear mask
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Social distancing to be maintained
  • Regular Hand washing with soap or sanitizer
  • Avoid International Travel

Covid fresh Guidelines

DNA reports, “To ensure a quick security check, Air India has urged all travelers to bring one piece of carry on luggage and arrive at-least 3-5 hours early..

The Hindu reports : No new updates were made to “Risk livels” and “safety and security sections” of the Canadian travel Advisory for India.

Any passenger with symptoms of Covid-19 during travel must be isolated as per standard protocol. The above said passenger should wear a mask, isolated from other passengers shifted to an four day self-montoring period.

So Stay Home ! Stay Safe !!

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