Modum (MOD) has Reached $6.84 by Increasing 69.56% on December 30


Modum (MOD): In recent times, the cryptocurrency market has been exploded. In that way, Modum (MOD) cryptocurrency is one of the developing one but it ranked above 100 in the market cap. Thereafter many crypto coins or cryptocurrency came to the market. However, it becomes worth only when money flows through it. Only when people believe to invest in it becomes worth and a trendy one.

More than 1000 different cryptocurrencies were listed in 2017. Among those currencies, Modum (MOD) is rare because of its clear market strategy and working product. Modum combines IoT sensors with blockchain technology, providing data integrity for transactions involving physical products. Modum offers a passive monitoring solution to streamline the supply chain processes in many sectors.

Modum (MOD)

Modum (MOD) Predictions

Modum is one of the very important which is going to be high in 2018. It has good partnerships with multi-billion pharma companies like Roche and Novartis. Within 24 hours, its price hiked to $6.84 by increasing 69.56%. Hence it is sure that price of Modum may fluctuate but never decrease. Currently, it started an increase in its price at the early stage. Hope it will be hit within top 10 in market cap in near future.

Where to Buy Modum (MOD)?

Modum (MOD) is available only on limited exchange sites such as Binace, Mercatox, EtherDelta, and Kucoin. Modum price can be checked at the following link Modum (MOD) Live Chart.

About Modum (MOD)

Modum is a supply-chain system that integrates Blockchain technology, smart contracts, and sensory devices into a single, passive solution. This integrative solution aims to enhance data integrity across the entire supply chain. Modum’s ICO ended on the 22nd of September, 2017. 

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