Meeta Vengapally – The Rising Star of Silicon Valley from India

Meeta Vengapally, Entrepreneur: Married into a Kerala family, one among the top sponsored models on Instagram, she is the biggest rising star in the city of Silicon Valley. She had started from nothing but scratches and now her company has occupied the top position in its field. Meeta Vengapally is the founder of Garnysh, a fitness & tech start-up in Silicon Valley.

That’s not the end about her, it’s just the beginning. Garnysh had started with offering a nutritional meal plan delivery service through centrally located gyms.

Now it has reached to every gym and household. Garnysh has made people more focused and conscious about their fitness and health. Meeta’s achievements don’t end here. She has got featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, MSN, Thrive Global, Buzzfeed, and the Chicago Tribune to enlist a few. Meeta also believes that to truly help people and keep the company fresh they need to evolve the company with each passing day.


As an outcome of evolution, they have successfully developed an app which tracks your fitness and motivates you for more. The app is named Badazz Bod and in the beta testing state in limited areas.

About her Strengths:

When asked about her greatest business strength she said “My greatest business strength is refusing to take no for an answer. This is followed closely by doing whatever it takes to reach my goals (probably as a result of my CrossFit training).” Meeta always tries to keep her company on the cutting edge of success by hiring the right team and overcoming every challenge with determination.

It should be noticed that Meeta is also a mom to two little children named Winston and Sitara. She never overlooks her parenting side for business. She can be called a champion in balancing work and family life. Winston and Sitara have already started getting attention from the entertainment industry from this very young age itself.

Many brands have recognized her success in the fitness, beauty, and lifestyle world and have made her face & spokesperson. Currently, she is working with Oscar-winning producers and directors. She can be called a perfectionist as she leaves no stone unturned achieve her desired success. To work on new projects, she chooses only those people who are dedicated and talented enough to deliver perfect results.

As an independent spirit and fierce leader, she got interviewed by Chicago tribune for International Women’s Day this past year. Meeta is the most badass women worth watching empowering others.

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