Jury Returns Split Verdict in Lawsuit Over Hot McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Injury

A Florida family has won a “tremendous victory” after a jury ruled that UpChurch Foods, a franchisee of McDonald’s, was negligent in a lawsuit over a young girl’s injury from hot chicken McNuggets. However, the fast-food giant itself was not found to be negligent, according to court documents. The girl was left “disfigured and scarred” after a piece of chicken reportedly fell on her thigh, causing severe burns. The jury also found that both parties failed to provide instructions that could have prevented the injury. The family is seeking at least $15,000 in damages.

Negligence Found in Hot Nugget Case

The case stemmed from allegations that a young girl was burned after a piece of hot McDonald’s chicken McNugget fell on her bare thigh. The family filed a lawsuit against UpChurch Foods, the franchisee, and McDonald’s itself, alleging negligence and seeking damages. The case went to trial, with the jury returning a split verdict on Thursday.

mcdonalds chicken nuggets lawsuit
mcdonalds chicken nuggets lawsuit

According to court documents, the jury found that UpChurch Foods was negligent in the case, but that McDonald’s itself was not. Both parties were found to have failed to provide instructions that could have prevented the injury. The young girl was left “disfigured and scarred” after the incident, according to the family’s lawyers.

The family called the verdict a “tremendous victory,” saying that they had fought against a wealthy corporation for multiple years. The amount of damages to be awarded has not yet been determined.

Strict Rules in Place For Cooking and Serving

UpChurch Foods released a statement after the verdict was announced, expressing disappointment. The company said that it followed strict protocols for cooking and serving its menu items, including chicken McNuggets, and that customer safety was a top priority. UpChurch Foods operates McDonald’s franchises in South Florida.

McDonald’s also disagreed with the verdict, saying that customers can continue to rely on the company to follow policies and procedures for serving McNuggets safely. The fast-food giant did not comment on the split verdict, but said it was committed to providing safe and high-quality meals.

Lessons Learned from Nugget Injury

The case has highlighted the importance of safety protocols in the fast-food industry, particularly when it comes to cooking and serving hot food items. It is unclear whether either party will appeal the jury’s decision, but the case serves as a cautionary tale for companies that do not prioritize customer safety.

As for the young girl and her family, they will have to live with the effects of the injury. The lawsuit alleged that the girl was left “disfigured and scarred” by the burn from the chicken McNugget. It is unknown whether she will require further medical treatment in the future.

Thus the case serves as a reminder of the dangers of hot food items and the need for companies to take reasonable steps to ensure customer safety.


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