Lucid CEO Addresses Price Pressure from German EV Makers

Lucid Group’s CEO Peter Rawlinson addressed the issue of price cuts in the EV market on the company’s Q1 earnings call. Rawlinson stated that it’s not only U.S. manufacturers that are slashing prices but also German competitors. The Lucid CEO mentioned that misconceptions about the pricing of its Air sedan need to be addressed since people think of it as a $200,000 car, while the entry-level price is $87,400. Rawlinson added that Lucid needs to increase awareness and get more people behind the wheel.

Lucid’s Superior Driving Experience

Rawlinson mentioned that Lucid has a fundamentally superior driver engagement experience that sets it apart from its competitors. Lucid has a better range, better interior comfort, and faster-charging technology in its Air sedan. The car’s 520-mile range on a single charge is an EPA rating record for an EV, while its most expensive Dream edition easily outstrips the competition by over 100 miles.

Lucid CEO
Lucid CEO

German Competitors Discounting Their Products

Rawlinson hinted that the price cuts from German EV makers are adding to the pricing pressure in the market. Lucid is competing against brands like Volkswagen AG and BMW, who are also under pressure to cut costs after Tesla’s price war in the market earlier this year. However, Rawlinson believes that Lucid has a unique selling point that should be amplified to create more awareness of the Air sedan’s superior driving experience.

First Quarter Sales Performance

Lucid may have missed its Q1 sales consensus estimate of $209.88 million, but the California-based EV maker was able to produce 2,314 vehicles in the quarter and delivered 1,406 vehicles. Lucid’s sales for the quarter were $149.43 million, and the company will be looking to increase its production capabilities to meet growing demand. The Air sedan’s impressive range and superior driving experience are attracting more EV buyers, and Lucid is poised to take advantage of this trend.


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