List of entrance exams for railway recruitment

It helps in traveling from one place to another and wandering around the far-off lands. Railways have always been the most prized possession of India. When the Britishers entered the country, they had the prospect of building up the railway to ease out the trade around the country. They were able to connect major cities for the transportation of goods.

Years passed and the railway emerged into a big sector for earning good amount of money. Indian railways are considered one of the biggest networks to generate employment opportunity for people. In order to maintain the motion in the department and the proper flow of services, the organization system is divided into zones. These zones are then further divided into divisions.

The thing is that these divisions are further divided into technical recruitment category and non-technical recruitment category. Whenever the board has got some vacancies, they are filled up by people recruited by way of competitive exams.

List of entrance exams for railway recruitment

Further, the employees belong to the gazetted and the non-gazetted class. Group A and B belong to the gazetted class and Group C and D belong to the non-gazetted class. The employes that belong to Group A are recruited by way of Union Public Service Commission.

The recruitment for the group C and group D is done by the Railway recruitment board present all over the country. The training of people recruited in the railways is executed by the 6 training centers present in the country. All the employees are known as the cadres.

In order to be selected in any one of the positions in the railway, the candidate needs to make sure to be good at physics, which sets the base for the employment in the railway. Below, we have mentioned all the entrance exams that the candidates need to pass to get various positions in the railway sector of the country. All the details related to jobs, results and entrance examinations can be discovered on various online portals such as Sarkari Result.

Group A:

All the cadres belonging to the group A of the railway recruitment exams are selected by way of Union Public Service Commission exams. Following entrance exams need to be crossed over by them:

  • Civil service examination for Indian railway traffic services and Indian railway accounts services.
  • Combined engineering service for Indian railway service of engineers, Indian railway service for electrical engineers, Indian railway service for signal engineers and Indian railway store services.

Group B:

Considering the promotion level of the employees in group B, following exams take place:

  • The employees are appointed as special class apprentices officer selected on the basis of U.P.S.C examinations and the results based on the recruitment board, mechanical engineering examinations. They are promoted from the position.
  • By way of transfer of an employee and adhering to the railway rules.
  • By way of admission on the basis of special permission given by the U.P.S.C examination board.

Group C and Group D:

The group C and group D class of employees are recruited either by way of promotion or because of direct recruitment. Further, they are also recruited by way of transfers which takes place directly. These are decided by the 19 railway recruitment boards present in the country.


In a nutshell, railways are considered as one of the most lucrative jobs in the country. Being a part of the railway you will be able to serve your country and help the country out in times of need.

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