Lisa Ebenstein VP Capital Commercial Properties: Advantages of Commercial Properties

A commercial property is any building or structure that its purpose is mainly to bring profits or generate income. These properties can be leased to clients or tenants who equally use them to generate income.

There are several types of commercial properties. These include hotels, restaurants, offices, multifamily rentals, mixed-use properties, and many more. All these types are further categorized into sub-groups.

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Many investors lean towards commercial real estate because of its significant benefits. Let us discuss some of the benefits of investing in commercial properties. You can also checkout Norman Ebenstein for more information.

  • Consistent cash flow

Investing in these kinds of properties means that you will have a consistent cash flow all through the seasons. This is especially for investors who lean on office spaces and retail more. You can put up a storey building in the CBD and rent out the rooms as offices.

A businessman renting out floors of spaces earns monthly or yearly as agreed with their tenants. The tenants must pay their rent diligently whether they are having a bad season or incurring losses.

commercial properties As an investor, it provides income stability as compared to other investments like stocks and bonds. Commercial properties market is rarely affected because of a fluctuating financial market. If one tenant vacates one office space, you still receive money from other tenants.

For commercial buildings like office spaces and retails, it is important that you add amenities in them to attract more clients. The more the clients the more the profits.

  • Equity

Most of these properties are built from loans from banks, partnerships, or corporations. It is only on one out of many occasions that you will find someone built properties without taking a single loan.

Equity is the value built over time after all debts are paid off and assets liquidated. An investor can easily build substantial equity over a period of time. CRE business is steady and has high returns making it easy for one to pay off all debts and grow some equity over the properties.

A substantial equity also means that the value of the estate increases in value.

  • Increases in value

When investing, it is essential that you consider assets whose value appreciates over an extended period rather than one that depreciates as years go by. It is safer to have a business that will still reward years later.

Commercial properties need proper management to ensure they are all well-kept and maintained. Repairs and improvements also have to be done to keep attracting clients. The value increases if it still looks as new as it first did years ago.

When building, choose quality to ensure durability. Work with foremen and other professionals who are skilled and do due diligence to your property. A lousily built property accumulates no value nor does it attract any clients.

Value also appreciates depending on the location of your estate. Is it near cities and towns or is it located in sub urban areas? Your location choice for putting up a chain of CREs should be dependent on the target audience and population. Do not set up structures in places where population is scarce.

The right location will have other investors in arms trying to buy from you when you decide to increase its value and sell to the highest bidder. Read more here 

  • Secure investment

Commercial properties are considered as a secure investment. It means that it has a surety of high return and value. The property and the land where the property sits are both valuable. They both accumulate value depending on some factors.

The right location guarantees the success of your business. Setting up in a town or city ensures there is cash flow because of the population in the area. Many people need office spaces, market stalls, retails, and family units.

The consistent growth of population in towns and cities means there will be a demand for commercial properties. The right location assures you of cash flow during all seasons making commercial real estate a secure investment.

You can also secure your financial status as an investor by leasing contracts to your clients for a certain period. Some leases go up to five years while some can be past that. In such a way, you secure your profits for a long period without worrying about any future economic crises.

  • Less competition

Another benefit of investing in commercial properties is there is less competition in this market. Most investors shy away from CRE because of their nature of bigger structures compared to other buildings.

Investing in CRE means that one should be ready to spend quite huge amounts of money. This idea alone does not sit right with most investors as some have financial constraints that cannot allow them to build bigger structures.

It reduces competition but you however have to be at speed with the few remaining investors. As a businessperson CRE gives you the option of choosing what kind of establishments you want to delve in. Is it hospitality, multifamily units, or offices? There is a wide category of commercial properties in which you can choose from.

  • Reliable tenants

Unlike residential properties, the tenants in commercial buildings are more reliable as they take proper care of the building. 

These tenants have to maintain the building because it is what attracts their customers. Examples of these reliable tenants are salons, spas, restaurants, malls, and banks, to mention a few.

A customer will not walk in a nail parlor or restaurant that is shabbily done, the décor and arrangement is what attracts them hence why tenants of CRE are more reliable. Click here for more insights.


There are many other benefits of investing in commercial real estate. They are easier to manage and an investor experiences income growth since they can decide to increase rent even for those on lease.

You can decide to be diverse as an investor and deal with more than one type of CRE. It builds up your portfolio and gives you more experiences of managing businesses. It also expands your network of professionals.


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