Infosys CEO: New data laws in india be critical for future technology

The ultimate goal of the new upcoming data protection laws in India is supposed to bring out the future technology to a whole level rather than not be viewed as a cost to enterprises but a critical element of the evolution of new future technology stated by the CEO of India’s one of the largest IT Firm.

new data laws

The Guidelines of the new data laws and its main objective is to protect the level of the intellectual property said by the CEO of Infosys, Salil Parekh mentioned at the Carnegie India Global Technology Summit 2021.

The incoming regulations will also lead to more work for companies as global enterprises will look to ensure compliance, he mentioned. Infosys is already conducting some programs, through which global firms are looking to become compliant with local regulations.

According to Parekh, India is well placed in terms of hard infrastructure for technology, with tremendous advances in telecommunications and connectivity, and data center capabilities. These came to the fore when the pandemic struck and companies needed to work remotely to service their clients and keep employees safe.


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