How to Plan a Simple Outdoor Wedding in the Back of Your Yard

The truth is that everyone wants to plan an outdoor wedding, and not go crazy about it. You might have imagined something impressive and inspiring for your outdoor wedding for as long as you can remember. Keep in mind that achieving an outdoor ambiance isn’t as challenging as it might seem. There are lots of things that could be put together to create an event that will enchant your wedding guests. So, if you are open to embracing the outdoor affair, we invite you to read this guide and plan your outdoor wedding like an expert. 

When it comes to planning an outdoor wedding, you definitely want to treat your guests with prioritization. So, where should you start? 

outdoor wedding in backyard

The time of the year matters 

Let the time of the year guide you to your decision-making. The color palette or the menu should work with what season it is. Choosing the month and the date for your wedding is a crucial step in wedding planning. Along with other important facts, such as the photographer, venue, food, decorations, and so on, the time of the year will dictate your planning. So, what is the best month for a wedding? June, September, and October are considered the best months to plan a wedding. June is the most popular month when people plan their weddings because the weather is mild. There is no wrong time to get married, actually, though it helps a lot to enjoy good weather. 

The late spring will correlate best with planning a wedding, as you can enjoy the May flowers and beautiful weather. Spring is the most welcoming time of the year, so you can choose to host your special day at that time. And after the cold months of the winter, your spring wedding should see a good presence. Your guests will probably be thrilled to get out and celebrate with you. 

Have a backup plan

You don’t have to choose a new location for your wedding. You can actually plan an outdoor wedding in your yard, but you should consider having a backup plan. It might be unfortunate to have your day ruined in case a storm blows in. Well, planning a wedding also relies on a bit of luck. 

Getting married is a great event you will never forget. If you’re planning to say “yes” in the back of your yard, then it’s a great way to say yes on a budget. No matter if the space is large or small, it should be relatively easy to plan a backyard wedding. Before you pick the flowers and the decors, you should figure out to get the right music, lighting, and more. You definitely need a generator to have your back covered in case the electrical power gets broken. 

Start getting your yard prepared for the big special day. Clean it, in terms of removing the dead plants and weeds. Create a clean schedule for your ceremony. Other things to consider include parking, notifying your guests in advance, and having a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

The benefits of a backyard wedding

Planning a backyard wedding depends on where you live, so you might want to keep your neighbors in mind. If they live close to you, make sure you notify them about your wedding and that there will be loud music until late at night, or to be more diplomatic, invite them over at your wedding. However, the rules you choose, decide on an end time to the party. There’s always a chance to move to a local bar area after.

Décor and Inspiration 

Planning your wedding outdoor, in the back of the yard involves a lot of DIY happening. This is a good reason to have the freedom to create all kinds of decors. Here are some ideas that can spark your inspiration:

  • Hang string lights to create a fairy-tale spark when the night comes
  • Display some pictures of you and your spouse on trees 
  • Get creative: use florist ribbon to decorate the sofas and chairs around the yard

Planning your outdoor wedding means more than saving money and cutting down the guest list. It’s also about sentimental value. You’re likely to have a great memory – it’s a place where you’ve enjoyed the best years of your life. It’s a great way to get excited about planning an amazing party with your loved ones. You will be much more relaxed and have much more fun. 

Backyard weddings don’t necessarily mean that you are getting married in secret. You can tell your closest friends about your plans and why you’ve decided to get married in the back of your yard. It’s just a greater way to celebrate together the big moment, without too much stress involved. 

Dress for the occasion

Everyone wants to feel comfortable at your wedding, but this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t still dress up for the big event. If you want to save money, consider renting the wedding attire, and still look stunning. Wedding trends have changed a lot in 2021, but you still get to have a memorable party. As a couple, you should decide what’s the best option for you, and remember that making a lifelong commitment to someone you love is an important aspect of life. 

Not everyone dreams of an extravagant location for their wedding, so backyard weddings can be just as magical, romantic, and memorable. Other than this, a backyard wedding should involve:

  • Playing yard games
  • Party by the pool
  • Host a barbeque
  • Backyard tent wedding idea
  • Immerse in nature
  • Creating your own wedding arch
  • Consider wooden accents to make a lovely and natural décor
  • Make photo displays around the yard
  • Hanging decors from the trees
  • Fire pits as the sun go down – So intimate and cozy!
  • Food trucks are a new popular trend for weddings

Final thoughts

If you’re planning your wedding at home because of financial reasons or just because it simply appeals to you, use the outdoor wedding ideas above and transform your yard into a spectacular wedding venue! 

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