How to Make Summer Camp More Affordable for Your Kids

Summer camp is an exciting way for kids to spend their summer vacation, but it can be expensive. Parents are always on the lookout for ways to make it more affordable. In this article, we’ll share tips on how to make summer camp more affordable so your kids can enjoy their summer without emptying your wallet.

Book Early: Take Advantage of Discounts and Financial Aid

Booking early can result in significant savings. Early bird sign-ups often result in discounts, scholarships, and reduced-price spots while camp is still in session. According to Karen Meister, director of the southern division of Camp Experts and Teen Summers, camps trying to establish programs for certain age groups will offer huge discounts to new campers. Therefore, signing up early pays off.

Summer Camp
Summer Camp

Beware of Hidden Costs

Parents should check for hidden costs that can add up and make camp more expensive. These hidden costs may include travel to the camp, hotel rooms the night before camp starts, extra activities, and uniforms. However, parents can save money on uniforms by buying them from websites, Facebook groups, or working with other parents to buy items in bulk.

Seek Out Lesser-Known Options

Parents should explore lesser-known options for summer camp. These options may include nonprofit camps, camps run by service organizations and faith-based camps, many of which offer subsidies. The National Summer Learning Association’s Discover Summer website can help connect parents with local options as well as job programs and summer internships for teens. Additionally, community groups, colleges, and local governments often offer discount camps.

Use Camp Fees to Teach Kids About Money

Summer camp fees can be an excellent opportunity to teach kids about financial responsibility. Parents can explain the cost of the camp and make the decision process a learning opportunity. Kate Sorensen, owner of, suggests writing down the cost of each camp with your child. That way, your child learns to appreciate the value of camp and how to manage their money effectively.

In conclusion, summer camp does not have to be expensive. By booking early, watching for hidden costs, exploring lesser-known options, and using camp fees to teach kids about money, parents can make summer camp affordable for their kids. With these tips, your kids can enjoy a summer filled with fun memories and new experiences.


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