How to Earn Money in Cricket Betting in India?

Cricket is extremely popular in India due to the fact that the sport was brought here in the 18th century and quickly gained wide popularity. Now cricket is considered a national sport. It is watched all year round by adults and children, women and men. This can be done through television broadcasts or watching the match live.

Cricket betting is the most popular type of sports betting in India. A bet is a sum of money that a player uses to make his or her prediction. If you bet on one of the teams and it wins, you get a win equal to your amount multiplied by the odds you bet on. This is called a profit.

earn money online cricket betting

Betting on Cricket with Online Bookmakers

Cricket betting is a service that bookmakers provide to their customers. In order to bet on cricket, you must first use the website or download a cricket betting app, then follow the steps of registration, depositing funds, and then you can place a bet.

Best Bookmaker for You

best bookmaker website

Before proceeding with all these steps, you need to choose a bookmaker you are comfortable with. Without any experience, it is difficult to do this, so we suggest you check out the most popular bookmakers for online cricket betting in India.


1Xbet is a relatively new player in the online cricket betting sector, but it has quickly got a huge amount of interest and adapted to all of the sector’s limits. There are many cricket betting forms available, as well as a smooth, comfortable design with a great design that makes discovering any of the alternatives simple. The software is well-optimized, and the support staff at 1Xbet, one of the finest cricket betting sites, is always available to assist you.


Betway is one of the world’s most popular bookmakers, but that doesn’t mean it can’t compete in the best cricket betting sites sector. There’s a lot to choose from, both in terms of cricket betting categories and matches.


Another well-known bookmaker has earned a reputation as one of India’s greatest cricket betting online sites. Parimatch is a well-known bookmaker that has received accolades for its dependability, fairness, and customer service. Because this bookmaker has been around for a long time, it is deserving of a spot on this list. Because of its reputation and influence in the betting industry, celebrities such as Mike Tyson and Conor McGregor serve as advocates for Parimatch. The cricket betting site features a nice interface, is easy to use, and offers a variety of cricket-themed sporting events as well as competitive odds.


A bookmaker that has been around since 2012 and has already become extremely popular in cricket betting due to the fact that it has many convenient deposit and withdrawal methods for Indians, as well as extremely fast withdrawal of funds. The offer of types of bets is also very large.


A bookmaker with worldwide popularity that focuses a lot on Indian users. A huge selection of different offers that every seasoned player will love. Convenient withdrawal methods, as well as live streaming that is available to every user. In addition, the bookmaker offers its customers an incredibly convenient mobile application for cricket betting.

Cricket Betting Apps

cricket betting apps

In order to use a cricket betting app you first need to download it. The apps you can download can be those offered by bookmakers from Betting on cricket with bookmakers.

The process of downloading cricket betting apps is extremely similar for different bookmakers, so we were able to put together one of the most generalized instructions for downloading.

To install a cricket betting app on your iOS device, you need to follow a very straightforward list of steps:

  1. Go to the App Store;
  2. Find the required application;
  3. Click on “Download”;
  4. Wait for installation.

To install the app on Android, you will need to do a little more action, but there is nothing complicated:

  1. Find the site of the necessary bookmaker;
  2. Click on the link to download the application;
  3. Download the APK file;
  4. Go to the settings of your smartphone and allow the installation of applications from unknown sources;
  5. Find the APK file in the downloaded files;
  6. Install the application.

Registration at Bookmaker Sites

bookmarker sites

You can use both the website and the app to create your account. The registration steps are similar in many ways.

  1. Find the desired bookmaker and click on the registration button. Go to the bookmaker’s website or app. Find the “Register” button. Click on it.
  2. Fill in the required fields. After clicking on the registration button, a form will appear with empty fields, which must be filled in: cell phone number or e-mail, name, last name, country of residence, the currency of your account, etc;
  3. Think of a password. So that you can use your account, later on, you will need to think up and write down your future password. You will be asked for this when you log into your account. Click on the button to create your account. Once you have entered all the necessary details, the button to activate your account will become available;
  4. Go through login. To use your created account, you need to make a login. To do this, find the login button on the website, enter your details and password.

When you have done all these steps, your account will be created and you can enjoy your favorite hobby to the full. 


Each of the bookmakers offers their customers welcome bonuses. Usually, they are an addition to the deposit amount. Let’s say the bookmaker you choose has a bonus of 100% up to 10,000 Indian rupees. This means that if you make a deposit of Rs 5,000, you will be added Rs 5,000 and the amount in your account will end up being 10,000. But you will need to wager it. Wagering means that you need to bet at certain odds several times. Only then you can withdraw your money.


For you to be able to use your account in the future you will have to sign in to it. This is not a time-consuming step, but you will have to do it many times if you use it regularly.

  1. Open the bookmaker’s website. Go to the official website of the bookmaker with your browser;
  2. “Login” button. Click on it to log in to your account. 
  3. Confirm login. This can be done depending on your registration method: enter mail, phone number, or confirm login using a social network.

Make your first deposit

To start betting on cricket online at the bookmaker you will need to make your first deposit. It can be made using the payment methods supported by the bookmaker. Usually, these are:

  • UPI;
  • Google Pay;
  • PhonePe;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • Indian Netbanking, etc.

In order to deposit your money into your created account, you will need to follow a few steps:

  1. Log into your account. The whole process of this procedure is described above, under “Login”;
  2. Click on “Deposit”. After logging find the deposit sign. Click on it and select “Deposit”;
  3. Select a payment method. Clicking on “Deposit”, you will be redirected to a page with the choice of your preferred payment method;
  4. Making a deposit. Then, you will get a form with some fields, which have to be filled. The number of fields and what you need to write there depends on the method you use, but everywhere will be similar – the sum of the deposit;
  5. Confirm payment. Here is the same situation – each deposit will be confirmed differently. For example, if you are going to use electronic wallets, you will be redirected to the page of the wallet itself. 

How to Place a Bet?

place a bet

Betting on the website can be done very quickly and comfortably. We won’t describe the process of logging into your account, as it’s all explained under “Login”. In order to make a bet on cricket you will need to:

  1. In the top line with sports betting types, select “Sports”. In the menu find cricket;
  2. Select the match of cricket and the bet itself. Once you’ve chosen a category of cricket betting, find the match you want to bet, the types of bets you can place will be listed there, and the odds are also displayed. Click on one of the odds;
  3. Select a bet amount. Enter the amount of money you have decided to bet;
  4. Confirm the bet. No documents are required from you here. Once you have clicked and placed the bet, the bookie will ask you to confirm it by pressing one button (this is to avoid accidental errors).

Your cricket bet is ready. All that remains is to wait and hope for the knowledge that guided you when you made it.

How to Withdraw Money?

In order to withdraw your winnings, you need to take actions that are very similar to those you made when you deposited. However, there are some differences:

  1. Login to your account. Same stage. It doesn’t look like we need much help here, but just in case: The whole process is described in the “Login” section;
  2. Click “Withdraw funds”. Once again you have to click on that dollar sign at the top right, only this time choose “Withdraw funds”. You will be redirected to the page with withdrawal methods;
  3. Choose the withdrawal method that suits your needs. You can check them all on the website;
  4. Withdraw your winnings. After selecting the withdrawal method, a form with some data will pop up.  They depend on the withdrawal option chosen. Enter the amount of withdrawal;
  5. Confirm the payment. Again, each of the methods requires different confirmation.

How to Earn on Cricket Betting?

It is difficult to earn on cricket betting because you are essentially playing against a bookmaker. But it is not impossible. It is not for nothing that the law in India has a separate type of gambling – games of skill. Of course, the betting is not completely dependent on luck, it’s also based on the player’s knowledge. For you to make money with your bets you have to study a lot of theory and practice it.

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