Happy Onam 2017: Kerala Harvesting Festival Celebrations


Happy Onam 2017: Onam is one of the religious festivals which is celebrated mainly in Kerala and some other parts of India such as Tamil Nadu and mostly celebrated by Malayali Hindus. It is the 10-day long festival and it is an end of Harvest festival which falls in the month of August-September and Malayalam calendar month of Chingam. This year the Onam festival falls on September 4.

The day Onam is celebrated by Malayalis and in schools, colleges and companies of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Since it is a 10-day long festival many events will be conducted. This summer harvest festival includes the events such as boat races, tiger dances, flower arrangements, tug of war, mask dance, martial arts, musical performances, elephant parade, plantain offerings, costumes, folk songs, dance and the grand Onam feast called Onam Sadhya.

Happy Onam

Significance of Onam

Onam signifies the home coming of the King Mahabali, who is believed to be the successful ruler in history. He is the king who made the land flourished and the people were very happy under the guidance. He has conquered many lands and then he had intentions to conquer heaven with the help of Lord Vishnu. He came in the form of Brahmin dwarf called Vamana who was impressed by the King’s devotion performing fire sacrifice.

Onam Muhurt Timings

Thiruvonam Nakshathram begins on 3rd September at 9:37 am

Thiruvonam Nakshathram ends on 4th September at 11:18 am

Happy Onam

Onam Sadhya: Onam Sadhya consists of 26 Vegetarian Feast which is served on the 10th day of Onam. The meal is traditionally served in Banana leaves and the people sit on the floor and eat together with family and friends. This vegetarian Feast has many dishes like pappadom, pickles, chutneys, thoran, avial, puliserry, stew, sambar, rasam, rice, and payasam and many other delicious treats.

Onam Wishes

Keep the spirit of Onam in your hearts.
May your home be filled with joy, love and peace.
Happy Onam!

Happy Onam

Onam is the time for pookalam on floor;
Children on swings; tiger clad men with hunters behind them;
People enjoying sadhyas with family.
May this Onam bring joy and prosperity to all.

Wish you a very Happy Onam to all. May this Onam brings your family peace and happiness.

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