Google Doodle honoured Eva Ekeblad – Who Made Alcohol With Potatoes


Google Doodle honored Eva Ekeblad: Google honored the famous persons or events by change the logo in their search engine. So, many individuals are honored by Google through Google Doodle post. Today (July 10, 2017) they honored Eva Ekeblad, Swedish scientist 293rd birthday by created a Doodle in her honor. She was born in the first quarter of 18th century.

Eva Ekeblad Researches:

Eva Ekeblad researched multiple uses for plants. She discovered to make flour and alcohols from potatoes. In 1746, Ekeblad wrote to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on her discoveries of how to make flour and alcohol out of potatoes. Her work paved the way for gluten-free baking and alcohols such as potato wine and vodka.

Her work not only based on potatoes also she research about other food products and increased the supply of wheat, rye, and barley, helping reduce the frequency of famine.For her great work, she was elected to Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1748, becoming the first woman to receive the honor. After her death, no any other women can be elected to the academy until 1951. However, there are no records of her participation in the meetings of the Academy. In 1751, the Academy came to refer to her as an honorary rather than a full member, as the statutes confined membership to men. Happy Birthday, Eva Ekeblad.

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