Google Creates First Ever Doodle for children to celebrate 50 Years of Kids Coding Languages


Coding Doodles for Kids: Google has created the first ever coding doodle for the celebration of 50 years (Golden Jubilee) of kids Programming Languages. Google Doodle has picked up a unique theme to celebrate this. On this day, Google has created its first ever coding doodle ‘Coding for Carrots’.

This kind of Doodle is never seen before. It is a kind of doodle that teaches to code with the help of a furry friend. In this Google Doodle, the users can program by helping the white rabbit across six levels in a quest to gather its favorite food ‘carrot’ by snapping coding blocks together based on the Scratch programming language for kids.

First Ever Coding Doodle

To develop this new kind of Doodle, Three teams Google Doodle, Google Blockly, and researchers from MIT Scratch have worked together. Kids Programming Language was introduced to the World before 50 years. In the UK, the kids are allowed to learn to code from their school ages.

Parents suggest that Learning this kind of programming and coding in the childhood at the age of three to ten will help the students in their future jobs. So Coding was introduced as part of the National Curriculum in 2014 and has quickly become a popular subject in schools. User interface, Pop-ups, Cookie, Algorithm, Virus, Hyperlink, Icons, Debug, Bug, and Database are the ten top coding words which are learned by the UK kids of age three to eight.


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