Gandhi Jeyanthi – Piyush Goyal calls Bapu a role model for indian citizen

In Dubai, Industry Minister  Piyush Goyal paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on Saturday on his 152nd birthday at the Consulate General of India in Dubai.

On addressing the occasion of Gandhi Jeyanthi, Goyal said,” Bapu was very determined in getting freedom for us, he is the father of Indian nation, a role model for every Indian and one must also admire and acknowledge his philosophical, spiritual and emotional connect.

piyush goyal

On referring to the preaches and principles that Mahatma Gandhi has advocated, he said that Bapu inspired generations of Indians by focusing on the fundamental issues before the country to improve the lives of the people of India to provide a better future to our children.

Piyush highlighted the first principle by Mahatma Gandhi to serve the poorest of the poor, “Serving the Daridra Narayana or the poorest of the poor, which is the 1st principle which the Current PJB Government has worked over the last seven and half years was which was articulated by Mahatma Gandhi Ji”.

Bapu’s message to all the people around the world on Non-violence will always be remembered. On this auspicious day Goyal’s tributes to Mahatma Gandhi Ji that the nation prospers, every citizen of India has a better future.

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