Frozen Niagara Falls after Winter storm: Breathtaking View and Pics

Niagara Falls, a group of three waterfalls located at the border of Ontario in Cannada and the state of New York, almost 40km away from Buffalo. The Great falls is the worst hit due to the Blizzard in the United States. The winter storm has  now turned Niagara falls into a dazzling Winter Wonderland.

With the temperatures falling well below the freezing mark, the areas around  Niagara falls is seen covered with a thick coating of ice. The partially frozen Niagara falls gives a breathtaking view.

Niagara Falls

Despite the warnings from US National Weather Service, tourists visited the waterfall to click the photographs of beautiful Niagara falls.

The blizzard caused huge disruption across North America and left more than 50 people dead in New York. Also caused major traffic problems and leaving many people without electricity. US National Weather Service also alarmed people that travelling in extreme cold condition may cause frostbite and also long exposure  leads to hypothermia and death.




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