Free Yoga Classes in Delhi | Kejriwal govt Launched

On this international Yoga day, Kejriwal Government announced that govt. to teach free yoga for Delhi Peoples. Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal on today launched Free Yoga Course to the peoples of Delhi. On the inauguration of Meditation and Yoga Science center at Delhi, CM promoted the yoga in the state.

He said we want to convert yoga into mass movement. Yoga will increase the immunity in the body. Enable them to fight infectious diseases like Corona effectively. He further said that yoga that has also proved to be very helpful for post Covid recovery in patients. The government is taking many several new steps for this.

Kejriwal said budget provision also been made to achieve success in this direction. At the same time if 20 to 40 people want to learn yoga as a group. The government will provide a free yoga instructor in group basis. Also currently around 450 yoga instructor are available and being trained. Free yoga instructors will be available from 2nd October 2021.

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On this occasion, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia said government has started the free yoga. It will be based on Patanjali’s yoga principles. Consists of meditation methods described by Lord Buddha. The Delhi government will take the responsibility for providing the instructors for those who want to adopt yoga for physical and mental health


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