FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Accolades Pouring In

The FIFA World Cup was the 22nd edition of  the FIFA World Cup which featured the competition between the member of FIFA member countries. It was held in Qatar from 20 Nov, 2022 to 18 Dec, 2022. Argentina won the cup and the captain of Argentina, Lionel Messi awarded the golden ball.

It is noteworthy that Qatar hosted the match very well and provided excellent facilities to all the players, fans and the other officials. According to sources, Qatar will donate buses used during the World Football Tournament to Lebanon. These buses were arranged for the players to travel from the hotel to the football ground.

In collaboration with FIFA, Qatar plans to dismantle the entire football stadium, thousands of seat ,other equipment including big buses and donate to countries with challenging economic conditions. It is reported that Qatar had purchased around 3000 buses, in addition to 1000 buses it already has.

From reports, Lebanese caretaker government’s minister of works, Ali Hamiyeh to the news he said, “Prime Minister Nazib Mikati asked during his recent visit to Qatar to grant part of the buses that were used for the transportation during the World Cup Match to Lebanon”. This proposal was made to improve the current public transportation crisis in Lebanon.

Following this, Congratulations are pouring in for Qatar !!!!


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