Cwicly Builder on Appsumo lifetime deal at $79: Blackfriday Deals

Cwicly Builder, no-code WordPress tool designed for speed, flexibility and performance. It is the only builder that interacts directly with the whole Gutenberg ecosystem and adds specialized blocks which are complementary and fully compatiable with Gutenberg.

Using traditional builders is like not updating ourselves in the world of innovation.

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Cwicly – a next gen WordPress which build, design and write content from the WordPress editor without having to juggle between different environments and page builders. You may be a beginner or an advanced developer, but experience the freedom and creativity of visual coding.

Overview on Cwicly

Gives Unique Solution

Direct Integration

Design the future

Simplify your workflow

Powerful design cloud library

Then, the possiblities are limited only by your imagination.

Deals and Features

  • Lifetime access
  • All future plan updates
  • Redeem you codes within 60 days of purchase

Buy Appsumo Cwicly Builder Lifetime deal for $79

Cwicly Pricing

Cwicly has wide choice of layouts, elements and compositions with 500+ designer-made templates and dynamic data integration actually costs $249. With Black Friday Deal, it comes in a one time purchase of $79 for a limited period of time.


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