Brain Activity

Reboot Your Brain: 5 Activities That Will Refresh Your Brain And Increase Productivity

The most productive people don't spend endless hours per day of consistent work. In fact, they take 17 minutes breaks about once per hour. The science is in, and the human brain does not function best...

Scent of Danger: Are There Toxic Ingredients in Perfumes and Colognes?

Yes, the sweet smell of perfumes, even the most expensive ones you invest in, can leave you bewildered with dangerous reactions. The fragrances are not always natural oils, they can also contain toxic chemicals...

Ways To Get Glowing And Smooth Skin

What is better than using makeup? Spending your time and money in nourishing your skin to get the natural glow and butter-soft skin. Invest some time in a daily skin care routine by following...

Health Benefits of Kratom Powder and Why You Should Buy It

Kratom is an interesting drug under current review and constant debate. It was even risked to be a DEA Schedule 1 drug (similar to heroin and other drugs), but has since been undergone. While...

Which type of facial scrub will suit the skin type?

People these days have become more health and beauty conscious and are doing everything within their means to appear beautiful. In the process, they spend a good amount of money and hours before the...

Adult Products India: Study Reveals Bangalore’s favorite Sex Toys

If these hands could talk: a study done by a major sex toy provider has shown some interesting new trends for the historically conservative Bangalore. The capital city of the South Indian state of Karnataka,...

How power racks can take your home gym to the next level

Creating that home gym can be quite tasking. You will have to consider many factors and put many things together properly for everything to work well. For example, you will have to think about...

What you choose to drink will affect your weight loss process

While water remains the best option when it comes to staying hydrated and losing weight, it can be rather boring to drink only water all day long. You will want to have several alternatives...