AppSumo Deals: Best Lifetime Deals April 2019


AppSumo Deals: AppSumo offers Super awesome deals every month. This March and April month, it has a great deal with many software. AppSumo offers weekly deals on the best tools for creating, growing, and scaling your online business.

The last week of March has many AppSumo deals. The list of new deals includes Slideshop,, Continually, Kashoo, Ora, History Search, Relay That, Standuply, Boxy Suite and Docsketch. The best part about the deals on AppSumo is that you get lifetime access to the products.

Get Useful software from AppSumo Lifetime Deals

AppSumo Deals

AppSumo Deals March 2019

  1. SlideShop

To Captivate your audience with show-stopping presentations, SlideShop makes it better to attract. It Access 90K+ slides, graphics, and gorgeous presentation decks and it also has Templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides in categories like marketing, social media reporting, recruitment and more. It suits best for Putting together attention-grabbing presentations in no time.

Click Here to Buy AppSumo SlideShop for Just $39!


AppSumo Zagio helps to Find huge SEO and traffic opportunities hiding right within your data. It also Discovers which content converts traffic into customers and then create a bunch more just like it. This tool helps best for Time-conscious SEO and marketing agencies, content and growth marketers, and business owners.

Buy AppSumo Lifetime Deal for $39!

3. Continually

Continually Never miss a lead again with automated customer chats and scheduling. It helps to Sync your calendar and let customers automatically schedule appointments. It suits best for Small business owners looking to generate leads 24/7.

Get AppSumo Continually Lifetime Deal for $49!

4. Kashoo

Bookkeeping and expense tracking made simple via Kashoo. It Breezes through your finances with expense tracking and paperless receipt storage. Kashoo suits best for Small business owners and freelancers looking to simplify bookkeeping.

Get AppSumo Kashoo Lifetime Deal for Just $39!

5. Ora

AppSumo Ora

Ora makes the simple task management hub for all your projects with none of the stress. It Customizes your projects and easily collaborates within this clean workspace. It helps to Run sprints, track productivity and time spent on tasks, and prioritize your tasks through a neat and organized inbox. It is best for Teams and freelancers looking to increase productivity.

Buy AppSumo Ora Lifetime Deal for Just $39!

6. History Search

History Search is the handy dandy filesystem for the web. It helps to Search through past websites and documents seamlessly by keyword and date range. You can Pause History Search and blacklist or ignore specific websites from automatic indexing. It suits best for Quickly finding previously visited sites, improving productivity, and relieving frustration.

Get AppSumo History Search for Just $39!

7. Relay That

AppSumo Relay That

Your genius design muse has arrived with one-click resizes for all your channels with Relay That. This Relay That Creates beautiful branded images that are instantly resized for banners, ads, and social media. It suits best for Social media managers, digital agencies, and small businesses trying to level up their marketing efforts.

Buy AppSumo Realy That Lifetime Deal for Just $49!

8. Standuply

It Organizes seamless stand-ups that work with everyone’s schedule. It Customizes questions and determines schedule type — no more time zone confusion. Standuply suits best for Remote Agile team managers who want meetings that work for everyone.

Get AppSumo Standuply Lifetime Deal for Just $59!

9. Boxy Suite

Boxy Suite acquires Everything you love about Gmail and Google Calendar in two splendid Mac apps. It helps to Download attachments, print documents, search through emails, and access traditional shortcuts. It is best for Mac and Gmail users looking to eliminate distractions and increase productivity.

Get Boxy Suite in AppSumo Lifetime Deal for Just $29!

Grab your favourites deals of this month March 2019 in AppSumo Deals. And Get your Business easy and establish it.

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