Appsumo WellyBox Lifetime Deal for $69

Appsumo WellyBox Review & Price: Do you use Gmail or Outlook as your main mail client? If yes, then you probably spend a lot of time going through your mail to find important receipts. WellyBox is the perfect solution for you. It is a simple solution that automatically finds all your receipts in Gmail or Outlook and stores them for you in a OneDrive folder. Keep reading to learn how this useful tool works.

WellyBox is a brand new tool that can help you organize your receipts in Gmail and Outlook. It automatically scans and organizes your receipts into neat categories so that you can quickly find the receipt you’re looking for. Not only that, but you can also opt out of certain categories or tweak how WellyBox scans your mail. Overall, the tool works pretty well and can save you a lot of time and frustration when tax time comes around.

Buy AppSumo WellyBox Lifetime Deal for $69!

Appsumo WellyBox
Appsumo WellyBox

Wellybox is an AI virtual assistant for receipts that keeps you away from the messy task of manually going through your receipts. It’s built to help you keep track of everything that you purchase, earning you double points on each purchase. It also eliminates the need for paper receipts by storing all of your information digitally.

WellyBox Features

WellyBox wants to make it easy for you to file your receipts throughout the year, which is why we’re offering this handy service. It’s so convenient that all you have to do is scan your receipts and voila! WellyBox will do the rest for you! So that you Stop chasing receipts in your inbox. WellyBox will do it for you. The main features of the tool WellyBox include

  • Spend more time promoting your business and spend less time doing back-office tasks
  • Access all the documents you need for your expenses report, tax, or VAT filings — in just 2 minutes
  • AI

This tool suits best for Accountants, Freelancers and SaaS. Also, it can easily be integrated with Dropbox, Excel, Google Drive, Quickbooks and Whatsapp.

WellyBox is a crucial tool in your digital marketing toolkit! This AI engine analyzes your emails, invoices, and bills, so you can easily export the information to your chosen cloud storage service. This is crucial because, when done right, it means you can spend more time promoting your business, and less time spent on your back office tasks. You can save time and money with WellyBox.

WellyBox is the perfect app for taking and snapping photos, scanning receipts, and keeping track of your Wellybox. This app will also allow you to snap a photo of your receipt and add it to your Wellybox. So, you can scan your purchases, snap a photo of your purchases, and then scan your receipts all from the convenience of your smartphone.

Buy AppSumo WellyBox Lifetime Deal for $69!

WellyBox is a platform that allows users to consolidate receipts from different email accounts into one central location. This platform is great for businesses because keeping track of receipts across multiple inboxes can be tedious and frustrating. WellyBox users send and receive receipts from UNLIMITED inboxes.

WellyBox Pricing

Thus, WellyBox allows you to automatically send receipts to your WellyBox account. From there, the receipts are sorted, organized, and prepared for your tax return. This seamless process ensures that you receive the maximum tax refund possible. The price for WellyBox is $588.00. However, AppSumo is offering the tool for $69 which will only be available to AppSumo users for a limited time.


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