AppSumo Deal: Videolinq Lifetime Deal for $59


AppSumo Videolinq: AppSumo offers most of the useful software in deal every week. Using this opportunity any entrepreneur, small organization, and freelancers can develop their business. Likewise, Videolinq is a tool that is in the deal available this week in AppSumo.

Videolinq is a powerful video streaming tool that allows you to broadcast live content to multiple social media platforms and websites. With this tool, it’s never been easier to deliver engaging live content to multiple social platforms and sites simultaneously. To get started, you should connect with webcam and select you destinations to go live.

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AppSumo Videolinq

Multi-streaming capabilities in videolinq let you broadcast to up to 25 social media platforms and streaming video service providers. You can Create, manage, and monitor livestreaming channels across multiple platforms in just a few clicks. With Videolinq, you can livestream to 20+ platforms at once, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

Videolinq Features

Videolinq integrates with 1CapApp technology to support real-time closed captioning on your live videos. You can also add subtitles and make your videos more accessible to a huge audience and helps viewers to understand easier. The main features of Videolinq include

  • Stream live video to 20+ platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Collect live audience information and engagement metrics, design HTML5 players, and monetize content

This tool Videolinq suits best for Social media agencies, broadcasters, and influencers looking to reach a bigger audience with simultaneous live streams. Videolinq will be the best alternative to Socialive, Castr, StreamYard.

Videolinq integrates with top streaming software, including AJA Video Systems, Telestream, and Teradek, for maximum convenience. You can Create unlimited streaming channels with multiple sources and destinations right in the media dashboard. You can Design custom players that point to any live or recorded video source.

Buy AppSumo Videolinq Lifetime Deal for $59!

Videolinq Pricing

With Videolinq, you can also Schedule pre-recorded videos ahead of time in the dashboard. You just need to choose the video and pick a date, time, and frequency. You can enable 24/7 streaming, support time-zone delayed broadcasts, and simulate livestreams from recorded files. Sit back and automate livestream scheduling for hands-free channel management.

Thus Videolinq Multiply your streams and your viewers. The actual price of Videolinq is $1200.00, but AppSumo offers it in a deal for $59 which will be a lifetime offer for a limited period of time.


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