Appsumo TwicPics Lifetime Deal for $39

Appsumo TwicPics Review & Price: One of the worst mistakes you can make is to assume that your website visitors are patient enough to wait for your website to load. In fact, it’s estimated that 40% of website visitors leave if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. So, how can you optimize images and videos on your website to improve page load speed? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at TwicPics, an image optimization plugin for WordPress. Keep reading to learn more!

The loading speed of your website plays a major part in its success. A slow website will drive visitors away and hurt your rankings in search results. Fortunately, this can be fixed with the right tools. TwicPics, an image optimization tool that helps you reduce image sizes by up to 40% without compromising quality.

Buy AppSumo TwicPics Lifetime Deal for $39!

Appsumo TwicPics
Appsumo TwicPics

TwicPics was a program that could automatically optimize your visual media. All you need to do is connect a platform to TwicPics and then run a few lines of code on your platform. Once setup, TwicPics will do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!

TwicPics Features

TwicPics optimizes the visual media on your website to improve load speed and user experience. It generates perfectly-sized images and videos to minimize lag and improve the user experience. TwicPics can also resize images automatically to fit any sized screen, which greatly increases their viewability. The main features of the tool TwicPics include

  • Improve page load speed and user experience with responsive visual media that always loads fast
  • Automatically tailor images for each user and combine optimizations with an efficient caching policy from a global CDN
  • GDPR-compliant

This tool TwicPics suits best for Developers, Ecommerce and IT/security agencies. Also, this will be the best alternative tool to ImageEngine, Imgix and This tool can easily be integrated with Akeneo, Amazon S3 and SFCC.

TwicPics is one of the fastest image resizer scripts on the marketplace. Our script is also very easy to use, and there is no need for any manipulations. TwicPics will automatically resize your images with the right dimensions, without sacrificing quality.

TwicPics is a combination image optimization service, image caching service, and delivery from a global CDN. An image optimization service optimizes images for speed, compression, and size. A caching service saves those optimized images in the cloud so the browser has them cached locally for fast load times. A global CDN delivers your images to users around the globe, meaning faster load times and better performance.

TwicPics caches images and videos immediately, which keeps visitors from seeing a blank placeholder image or video. This improves load times, giving your visitors a faster and more fluid browsing experience. Say goodbye to image placeholders, low-quality placeholders, and CLS. With our Content Delivery Network, images and video will load instantly, giving visitors a better overall experience.

TwicPics offers a modern approach to optimizing short videos, so you can say goodbye to loading bloated video players in your hero sections. You can enhance videos with layout-driven cropping and sizing, lazy loading, and modern compression techniques. You can also automatically convert GIFs into videos for enhanced desktop or mobile experiences.

Buy AppSumo TwicPics Lifetime Deal for $39!

TwicPics is compatible with many popular frameworks and technologies, including Angular, React, and Gatsby. You can also optimize media files across any platform, or configure your domain paths to tweak and control how media is delivered. No matter what your tech stack looks like, you’ll be able to integrate TwicPics seamlessly into your workflow.

TwicPics Pricing

Thus, TwicPics delivers the fastest, most responsive images and videos to your site visitors, across all devices. This means that people online will be able to view your media, no matter what device they are using! The price for TwicPics is $160.00. However, AppSumo is offering the tool for $39 which will only be available to AppSumo users for a limited time.


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