Appsumo Potion Lifetime Deal for $69

Appsumo Potion Review & Price: Potion was a superfast way to create personalized videos and get more responses from qualified leads. For those of us in sales and marketing, it seemed like a no brainer. After all, videos are a highly effective content type for reaching prospects, engaging customers, and closing deals. However, as with all great things, Potion eventually came to an end. In this post, I’ll explain why Potion was such a great tool for creating personalized videos.

Potion is a content discovery platform that helps buyers find relevant video content through machine and human curation. The Potion platform helps marketers and salespeople create awesome personalized videos at scale to help prospects find relevant content and create a custom call-to-action that links to a custom landing page that captures the leads.

Buy AppSumo Potion Lifetime Deal for $69!

Appsumo Potion
Appsumo Potion

Potion is a video editing tool that allows you to add customized text, images, and sounds to your videos. This means that you can create different videos for your target audience to promote your product or brand, meaning you only have to create the content once. This means you save time and are able to focus on the more important aspects of your business!

Potion Features

Potion is a great tool for creating personalized videos, and the best part is – it’s free! There are a variety of screen recording templates to choose from, and you can also upload your own images or videos. The great thing about Potion is, you can record videos with your face and your voice, which automatically creates personalized videos for you. The main features of the tool Potion include

  • Record personalized videos in bulk with your own face and voice, complete with auto-generated subtitles, logos, images, and GIFs
  • Customize landing pages with your domains, brand colors, CTAs, and calendar embeds
  • AI

This tool Potion suits best for Customer support, Marketers and Sales managers. This will be the best alternative tool to CloudApp, Loom and Vidyard. It can easily be integrated with Gmail, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Outreach and Sales Navigator.

With Potion, you can create your video pages and then incorporate them with other marketing tactics such as outreach sequencing tools to help with lead nurturing. Potion is perfect for any business who is looking to use videos as part of their campaigns! The customization that Potion lets you do with videos is truly incredible. You can add images, stickers, and GIFs to your videos – you can’t get any more creative than that! Not only that, but you can also choose a thumbnail – which you can customize by adding first names, email addresses, and website URLs to it! You can build landing pages with your own domain, branding, and calendar embeds too.

Potion really has a solution for every business and industry out there, no matter what you are selling, your customers expect a personalized experience. And when it comes to that, Potion really has got you covered. Potion offers many ways to create branded marketing content. Screen recordings, static videos, dynamic videos, and screen-and-face videos are just some of the options, so you can choose the type of content you need to create.

It also gives you the option to upload your own footage, which is great for personalized cold emails and outreach campaigns. It can help you schedule more calls, demo your product, and get more meetings scheduled with prospects, so there’s no reason why your outreach campaigns shouldn’t be effective.

Buy AppSumo Potion Lifetime Deal for $69!

The teleprompter in Potion is very helpful for staying on beat while speaking. However, Potion integrates with over 50 different sales and marketing tools, including Salesforce, Zendesk, and Adobe. This makes it easy to use Potion within your current workflow, which is helpful if you have multiple cameras.

Potion Pricing

Thus, Potion has very specific features that help you personalize your video outreach, so you can skip over all the re-recording. Potion has automated features that allow you to personalize your videos as you record them. All you have to do is choose which ones you want on, tap record, and Potion takes care of the rest. The price for Potion is $96.00. However, AppSumo is offering the tool for $69 which will only be available to AppSumo users for a limited time.


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