Appsumo Novocall Lifetime Deal for $49

Appsumo Novocall Review & Price: Novocall is an online callback system that allows businesses to capture more inbound leads. By capturing these leads at the point of enquiry, businesses can increase their conversion rates and generate more revenue. Novocall uses advanced AI technology to automatically route incoming calls to the most appropriate agent. It also integrates with Facebook ads, allowing businesses to promote their website and phone number. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Novocall and how it can help your business.

With novocall, it’s possible to communicate with customers so you can make more sales and gain a better understanding of their wants and needs. With this information, you can adapt your customer service accordingly, so you can develop a more personalized approach to your customer base.

Buy AppSumo Novocall Lifetime Deal for $49!

Appsumo Novocall
Appsumo Novocall

Novocall is software that instantly connects inbound leads with sales – it’s a quick and easy platform to use. It’s perfect for businesses who want to automate their sales process by using online callback widgets, contact forms, and Facebook lead forms. This tool is now available in appsumo for $49.

Novocall Features

A widget or CTA button that automatically syncs with Novocall’s backend scheduling system. This means that when someone clicks the button on their webpage, they will be prompted to enter their name, email address, and preferred time for a callback (that’s all it is- no long forms!).

  • Integrate with Facebook lead forms to allow leads to schedule calls right from your Facebook ads
  • Use callback widgets and CTA buttons to let warm leads schedule calls with your sales reps

This tool Novocall suits best for Marketers, Sales managers and Small businesses. Also, this will be the best alternative tool to CallPage and LiveCall. This tool can easily be integrated with Facebook, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Slack and Zapier.

With Novocall, it is possible to schedule calls, send email reminders, and even send text messages directly to your phone, so that no matter what, you’ll be able to keep your sales pipeline full. Facebook lead forms provide businesses with an efficient method to capture leads and instantly schedule callbacks. With Novocall, your Facebook ad leads can schedule calls right from your Facebook ads to ensure the best chance of converting them into customers!

With Novocall, you can route your leads based on any criteria imaginable, including geography, language, company size, and phone availability. They can also identify the origin of the call, such as inbound or outbound, so you can quickly respond to your customers particularly if you are generating leads offline.

Buy AppSumo Novocall Lifetime Deal for $49!

Novocall is cloud-based software that makes it easier than ever for mobile users to quickly find, book, and manage their appointments. With Novocall, you can automate follow-ups to keep your customer’s interest, or send them a reminder email before their meeting. You can also send a calendar alert to remind clients of their upcoming appointment. You can Track team activities and call stats within the Conversations dashboard.

Novocall Pricing

Thus, Novocall’s software makes it easy to connect with inbound leads so you don’t have to miss out on potential sales. In fact, a recent poll found that 44% of sales professionals said that callbacks from Facebook lead forms are more effective than emails. The price for Novocall is $468.00. However, AppSumo is offering the tool for $49 which will only be available to AppSumo users for a limited time.


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